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  1. I'll def keep that in mind. Fortunately I've been satisfied with all the coins I've acquired online (haven't been in the hobby to long, but I'm at about 60 graded coins now). Got it! That's what I was wondering, and figured the star would be given for some PL credit but short of a full PL. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I'm going to press with trying to get a PL Morgan next!
  2. Thanks! I'm cross shopping between a star Morgan and a PL Morgan (1878 8TF), but the challenge is that it's only through internet photos. When I specifically wanted a toned Morgan, I relied on the star designation to validate what a seller was claiming because I just don't trust the photos. I live in the boonies, so don't have coin shops to go to and see examples in person. For this next Morgan I'm leaning towards a PL. For this one I want proof features, so looking into a PL. Just wanted to know how others approach it. Thanks so much!
  3. Not exactly what I was asking. Assuming all else is the same, would a PL Morgan generally have better eye appeal than a non-PL star Morgan (not toned)? I'm not even talking about PL with star, I've never seen one either, but NGC census suggest they exist. If I'm comparing apples to oranges, then that's what I need to know, then. Thanks for the reply regardless!
  4. Sorry for the noob question, and I know the star designation is subjective... but (a) assuming the star designation is not due to toning and (b) comparing Morgans of the same year/mint/grade, would like to know your thoughts/opinions on a non-PL Morgan with star designation vs. a "plain" PL Morgan. Still learning to value overall eye appeal, but my objective side places a higher value on a PL strike characteristic vs. the star. Would like to know what others think!
  5. Thank you for sharing. I'm pretty new to the hobby and only have one CAC stickered coin. It was definitely acquired at a premium, but I wanted the extra assurance buying it sight unseen.
  6. Just got this today, my first graded world coin (if Canada counts!). Any love for these beauties around here? The toning on this one and the several others I shopped around for is amazing for the price!
  7. I didn't notice that circular hit until I looked at the photos. Not that noticeable with the naked eye. Well, appreciate the reponses!
  8. Hello, I've kept this 1964 quarter that I got who knows how many years ago as pocket change, and today I looked at it closely for the first time with a loupe. I noticed that the "I" in the motto is clearly and very slanted. I tried researching about it but couldn't find anything. Any clue what this might be? The L and Y in Liberty look a bit off as well, but I thought that could just be just damage... What confuses me is that if the I was straight, the bottom of the letter would be very close to the rim, but when I compared with other pictures the "In" is much further in. This is actually my first post on the forums. Sorry if I'm coming off as a newbie (which I am). I've been sonewhat interested in coins since I was a kid but only enough to keep a cigar box full of circulated coins since I was a kid, most bicentennials and wheat pennies because they were not the normal coins I saw while growing up. It wasn't until recently I started getting more into numismatics, not mention certified/slabbed coins. I'm really looking forward to learning a lot on this site.