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  1. I prefer to call it population redistribution. ATS in 1996, (one year before end of OGH) they weren't using about half the MS scale. As grading got more refined, they needed higher resolution. I think it needed to be done but collectors & JA totally lost their minds over it. Here is a page from 1996 pop report at PCGS (saints)
  2. Not really a place I associate with vigorous academic discussion but it has its moments. I check in here more often. There is one EAC thread that I do follow.
  3. The story behind the figurines.
  4. It's near Christmas so be careful not to confuse or omit contents.
  5. I remember sending the equivalent of two weeks pay via credit card for a foreign coin & having the transaction flagged. I had to verify that I was willing to loose that amount of money before they would proceed. Then there was a confirmation E-Mail from the seller that was worded as if a Nigerian prince had written it. I was sure I had made a mistake. Fun times!
  6. We are so lucky to have Mark post here among us little people. Unfortunately, his expertise is needed ATS were every inane observation is rewarded with praise.
  7. Liberty will likely have to be represented as androgynous and racially nondescript. I'd recommend a stick figure w/ a torch so long as it doesn't offend anorexic people. California may prohibit the open depiction of flames so that might be a problem also.
  8. Get rid of the beach house & cut some heads. This should be fun to watch.
  9. I only really know about saints and I can say there are a few problems with that series. 1) Expensive coins tend to get a pass on the AU/MS distinction which sort of turns saints into a 10 point grading system (MS60-MS70) 2) Scratches & some other details get an almost EAC treatment (Net Graded) 3) A + sort of means half way between grades on a more technical grading opinion while CAC/JA seems to sticker on account of luster. (my opinion) Not sure how to reconcile this. Maybe a ancient sort of system like separate grades for strike, technical etc. Possibly a odd/even n
  10. I read an article about the coins found during the Pompeii excavation. I don't know much about ancients but found it very interesting.
  11. If it's the one I'm thinking of, she doesn't even list what the cert# is for the coin pictured (all pics are in house w/o a TrueView) Even E-Bay dealers list certification numbers. Totally mind blowing.
  12. I can see how a slight torsional load might be introduced at over 100 tons pressure. It might cause a very small rotation of the die when unloading & when the coin is in the process of popping out. It could explain why the doubled die appearance only occurs on one side of the device.