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  1. Pretty sure it's not fake. And I have most certainly seen coins like this labeled as clipped. Perhaps I should explain the back story.. I found this coin in an abandoned house. It's been vacant since the 60's. Everything I've read online about a clipped coin such as this tells me that it's a genuine error. The fading away detail on the clipped side. And the thickness of the opposite side of the coin is greater than the clipped side. Maybe my pictures weren't good enough.
  2. Is this fake? How would I go about finding a date for this cent? One reason I don't believe it's fake is cause the color throughout the coin is the same. Even where it's cut.
  3. I need help identifying this Israeli coin. I've searched and I found a few close to it. But the third character on the bottom obverse stumps me.
  4. Had a couple questions about this Canadian nickel. I see that it's a shoulder fold. But is it a near or far maple leaf? And since there's so much rust on it does it deplete the value? Obviously it does, but considerably?