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  1. Thanks JB I do appreciate your reply. The pics dont really impart the nature of the coins deformity. Is it possible for it to have gotten smashed with such pressure that it beveled(or tapered) the face evenly all the way around?.. And why are the ridges pressed into only half of the outer edge and that half with the ridges is actually slightly larger in circumference than a normal quarter?... I understand a commercial dryer could do a lot of damage to a coin but the damage on this coin appears pressed and I would think a dryer would just kind of beat it up or it become lodged somewhere and get rubbed down to its base metal and would occur then in primarily one spot. I have seen other examples of graded broadstrike(at least that is what was listed with them)error coins that were very similar having that same beveled face all the way around. And is it possible to un-strike a coins design without going all the way through the plating? I thank you again for your knowledge. I know very little about coins but have found some interest since finding this coin. I have no interest in a value ...pretty sure its 25 cents!
  2. Can anyone tell me what if anything this quarter is besides a beat up quarter? I think it may be a broadstrike error but am unsure as I know nothing about coins. Is it something that i should even bother with trying to grade? It is in fairly rough condition. The outside circumference is slightly larger than that of a normal everyday quarter as though it spread outward during the pressing. A little help if anyone would be so inclined. Thank you.