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  1. Your comments makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your post. I guess it all comes down to a learning process for me and fortunately this one only cost me some modest inconvenience. Thanks, Mike
  2. In this instance, I guess I have an issue with the adjective "obvious". I envision a true mechanical error as being a 1998 50c label on a 1982 penny holder. I think there is a significant chance the reviewer just messed up the small date/large date call. Wouldn't that then fall under the first part of the guarantee? I asked two important questions as a follow up; will you confirm the identification of the coin (brass vs. zinc) and will you review the grade? Despite emails to multiple people, a call (unanswered, and posting here, I never received an answer to these questions. Also confounding the situation is that I was a buyer and not the original submitter. I see one of the greatest values of a top level grading organization is the ability to trust their work "sight unseen". Accidents do happen and I expect they're rare. How you respond to mistakes says a lot about the company. I think NGC's response is the absolute minimum they can do. I'm left with less trust in NGC not because of the error, but of the way they handled the situation. Some people have said "buyer beware" and I get that. But I don't have the ability to "look and feel" the coins I want at a LCS or show and as a new collector, I was willing to pay a premium for a slabbed coin so I could rely upon the experts. Now I'm left with the question of what does it truly gain me?
  3. Everyone, I couldn't wait any longer and returned it on Tuesday. Really disappointed to not receive clarification from NGC since even if it was confirmed as a brass large cent, I would have kept it. It's been a learning experience and not in a good way. Mike
  4. I purchased a NGC certified coin on eBay and it arrived last week. Listed as a 1982 small date bronze 1 cent (MS 67 RD) it turned out to be a large date. Very disappointing. Reached out directly to NGC and received a quick response. Based on NGC's guarantee, as a "mechanical error" I'm entitled to 1 free label change... I'm new at coin collecting, but I'll confess that that feels like the absolute least they can do considering the level of inconvenience I face. Still trying to decide my next step, I asked some follow up questions: 1. Will the coin be reexamined or just relabeled? For1982, brass or zinc can only be determined by weighing the coin. Considering the date error, I’m concerned if that determination is correct. If it turns out to be zinc, then that’s a major issue. 2. Will the coin be regraded? It would be wonderful if it got a bump up but if it went down, would the other portion of the NGC guarantee apply? 3. Will NGC cover my shipping costs? I sent an email and left a phone message on the third and another email on the 4th with the above questions. No response yet. I need to make a decision on next steps quickly. Can anyone help? Thanks, Mike