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  1. Hello Ali, 1988(M) RUSSIAN MINTING slot is missing from the Russia Gold 100 Roubles, 1977-1991, Proof set. This slot already exists in the Russia Gold 100 Roubles, 1977-1991, Mint state set, but it doesn't belong there Thank you very much and happy new year!
  2. hello NGC team, i would like to ask for a Russia platinum 150 roubles 1992-1995 proof set, like the USSR Platinum 150 Roubles, 1977-1991, Proof set. there should be 9 coins in total. thank you very much
  3. Hello, 2015 ended the series with a portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley and there was a change to a new portrait by Jody Clark for which there should be a new slot. Many thanks for your time (and patience with me)! Viele Grüße
  4. hello ali, thanks for your reply. my second request was about Sovereigns Type Set, George III - Elizabeth II, Proof Issue.
  5. hello, please add modern india sovereigns to multi-country gold sovereign one per ruler per mint set. and the great britain proof sovereign type set doesn't contain actual portrait of her majesty. thank you very much, you all do a great job! greetings from germany