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  1. I am currently working on a WWI Saints set, a WWI Prussia set (hence this topic), a WWII 50¢, and a WWII 5 Reich mark set of better dates. I am not as knowledgeable on the said world coins as I’d like to be hence the research. I’d be open to an interesting/rarer date British set as well. - Matt
  2. I’m finding the rarer dates a harder pill to swallow ie 1915A wilhelm II for an almost MS for roughly $2k+ or 1913A Otto or 1886 Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Ernst II 30 Mark. Thoughts? They looks beautiful though.
  3. Yes I do. I’m referring to coins minted 1960 to present.
  4. I’ll take that into consideration though I’d probably appreciate the collector quality ones. I find them to be more interesting than the more modern stuff.
  5. I too love the reverses of these coins! It harkens back to a different time when men were men and sheep were scared 😂. I am seriously wanting to get into these old 20 Marks Justin not sure where to start in terms of rarity.
  6. Good evening all, I figured I’d ask this question on this forum given NGC has more of a world coin base than its CU brethren (maybe Coin Talk but I digress). I’ve got a 1913 20 Mark and was wanting to start collecting Prussia/other 20 marks and was wondering why the greater value is placed on say the 1875 Heinrich XXII vs 1915 Wilhelm II 20 Mark? - Matthew
  7. Is this coin still up for grabs? V/r Matthew