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  1. I inherited a rather large collection of coins from my father that I would like to sell. Some are mounted and graded, some are not, some are in rolls, some are loose coins, some are mints sets, some are proof sets, and some are just loose pocket change that my father saved. He bought and sold coins his whole life and would save his pocket change and then sift through it. I guess he was looking for that diamond in the rough. There are thousands of coins, old and new. Hundreds and hundreds of wheat back pennies, silver coins, foreign coinage, commemorative coins, and paper money, domestic and foreign. There are also a few gold coins. I don't know how to go about valuing the collection, without paying a coin collector. dak
  2. Thank you both for your responses. I am going to try both angles: coin dealers and auction houses. Do you think I might get my best result (e.g. higher return) selling through an auctioneer, or selling to a dealer? Dan
  3. JKK, Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am new to this site, but did find a dealer locator in the Resources tab. I typed in my zip code and found a bunch of dealers in my area. I'm going to pick a few and take the same small sample of coins to each to see what they say. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of foreign and domestic coins and bills that I want to catalogue and inventory, before attempting to sell. And, like I said in my earlier post, some of the coins are mounted, some have been graded by NGC, PCGS, or ANACS, and some are commemorative coins and sets, but many are just loose coins, or coins in tubes and wrappers. Thanks again for your assistance. Dan
  4. I recently inherited a large collection of coins and paper money from my father. The collection consists of both foreign and domestic currency as well as commemorative and memorial sets. I am in the process of trying to inventory and catalogue everything and determine an approximate value. Finding the estimated value for the PCGS and NGC graded items is easier, but a large portion of the collection is neither mounted, or graded. I first tried Heritage Auctions, assuming they would be interested and I would have my best chance of getting a fair value for the coins. Heritage "respectfully declined", without giving a reason and suggested I try a local coin dealer. I reached out to one coin dealer so far, but have not received a response. Does anybody have any suggestions?