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  1. It does have some doubling machine doubling.. Lower the light and settings you shall see what I machine.
  2. What goes on in the grading room stays in the grading room🕺
  3. With that being said, im now a multiple millionaire and im still arguing with some ! Why im unsure of.
  4. Don't wash anything, Except your hands after searching. Good luck.😉
  5. Wow people! Thanks I see the same old people as when I was a troll ext. How I have no clue about coins and and know nothing about doubled die coins !! WELL ALL THAT DISRESPECTFUL NONSENSE BROUGHT ME THE 2ND HIGHEST GRADED 1969S Doubled die obverse fs101 Soo you might wanna re evaluate what your saying and to whom!!! 🙄🖕And a big thanks too all the people that did comment as trying to help out without all the disrespectful comments.
  6. Kinda off subject there aren't we? I am not asking if this specimen is real/and or fake. I was curious of what something to this nature would price realize In auction! Thanks