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  1. Those who interested to buy my coins i have 3 i post tomorrow. Im serious because i need a money and i lot a problem and to help my family so kindly respect my post. Again those willing i give a friendship hurry for those willing . Thank God bless
  2. I see its a good value of silver based my research . I give a good and friendship price those are willing to buy my coins..
  3. Are you sure? Ok i research first if didn't minting. Based my research its a good value of siver Im right?
  4. Yes this is a real don't worry I give you a document to a jewelry store to prove that is true. Im a honest because Im a religious person. If you are willing to buy my coins because they are many people who are text me right now to buy me coins.
  5. Thank you have a good day im so much willing to sell for you and also I have 3 silver coins.. I post tomorrow.
  6. Good day I have also 3 coins of silver I will be post tomorrow I hope you will be like it and I will be so thankful for you.. God bless