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    That agrees with what my dealer friend was saying that NGC is grading tougher
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    forgot to subscribe to the thread
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    I agree with Coinbuf both about resurrecting an old thread but more about allowing PCGS coins but not counting them towards points. At the same time I have a dealer who sent a bunch of Morgans to NGC and was complaining that they all came back one grade lower than expected. MS 64 instead of 65 etc. He had been using PCGS and sent these to NGC. I looked at them and agree with the NGC grading, of course I am looking at them as a buyer and not a seller and that makes a difference.
  4. Thank you very much, I will be sending them in, in the next few weeks
  5. Are coins with a permanent stamp of "COPY" a replica or a counterfeit?
  6. So if I request certify at any grade they will remove the PCGS Outer shell, right? The alternative is for me to try cracking it without hurting the GSA case
  7. I have a couple 1884CC GSA dollars that are to my mind proof like and one of them may (or may not) be a DMPL. Does NGC automatically assign a PL or DMPL to a coin if they feel it is, or do you have to request the designation and if so is there any extra cost?
  8. Wow, I am just starting on the GSA's, had 1 for years and am adding more and have started the soft-packs. I am getting addiction! My other collections are suffering for lack of funds at this point! I will be submitting them all for NGC grading over the next month or so.
  9. I have a 1887 GSA hardpack that is encased in a plastic coffin holder. It will not fit in the original GSA black box and that is how I like to store them, which is why I like the NGC certs. If I send it in I am concerned that if it gets a lower grade than the PCGS one it will be returned in the original PCGS holder and I will have wasted my time and money. I am pretty sure that PCGS will crossover at "ANY" grade and will slab a coin even if it is lower if requested. Does NGC offer that? I may be in a minority but on this coin I want a grade regardless but am a little leery of trying to
  10. Yes the membership and the shipping are "set" costs The shipping is always what gets me. I wonder how many you can submit at once, probably all you can afford but that would cut the cost per coin