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  1. Hi Jerry, Thank you for your question. The set will have to be sent in the original RCM shipping box if you would like the coins to receive the Canada Set location designation. This will be done automatically, and these coins will be listed separately in the NGC Census. Coins that are not submitted in their original sealed Mint shipping box will still receive the Pride of Two Nations set pedigree. More details can be found in this article. We appreciate your interest in NGC.
  2. Hello, Thank you for your question. There are certain situations where coins or medals need to be submitted in the sealed US Mint shipping box to receive a particular attribution or pedigree. This is because the coins or medals are sold in different ways by the Mint. Some examples are below. We appreciate your interest in NGC.
  3. Hi, It would maintain the same coin information, though the coin could certainly be encapsulated with Shipwreck label #819. See the link below.
  4. Hello BillyToronto, We appreciate your interest. This label is a proprietary label that belongs to a particular customer, so it could not be used for the ReHolder submission.
  5. NGC does not assign the plus designation to coins that numerically grade 69. Coins grading from NGC XF 45 to NGC MS 68 or NGC PF 45 to NGC PF 68 may receive a plus designation. It is assigned, when merited, to United States coins from 1792 to date, excluding US bullion and modern commemorative coins, and to world coins struck prior to 1970.
  6. The 1915 coin (-001) was previously removed from a piece of jewelry. This problem is more commonly found on gold coins, which have been and continue to be popularly placed in a jewelry setting. The 1927 coin (-002) received a Cleaning comment because its surface was most likely chemically or mechanically altered. Cleaning a coin ultimately detracts from its aesthetic appeal. More information on NGC Details Grading can be found here.
  7. Hi Paul, The Designation Review service is no longer offered by NGC. These coins can be submitted under the ReGrade service with a brief note on the request for resubmission. Thank you for your interest in NGC.
  8. Hi, All curved US Mint silver dollars are placed into double thick cores, due to the curvature of the coin. We appreciate your interest in NGC.
  9. NGC holders are tamper-evident, so coins could not be removed and switched without the damage being seen. We appreciate your interest in NGC.
  10. Hi, The coin is not counterfeit but has been changed in some way that alters its appearance (ie. chemical treatment, tooling). Coins that receive an "Altered Surfaces" determination are usually not encapsulated.
  11. This does not affect the value or authenticity of the coin, as there are other security features to distinguish a genuine holder. However, some people prefer a holder that is in pristine condition. If you would like the coin encapsulated in a new holder, it can be submitted under the ReHolder service.
  12. Hi flash123, NGC Authentic Hand-Signed Labels are available for select bulk submissions only. We do appreciate your interest in the program.
  13. Hi, We recommend that you find a reputable dealer who can tell you about a particular coin and whether it would be worthwhile to have it graded. The NGC Dealer Locator is a great tool to find a dealer in your area. People will sometimes submit coins of sentimental value to preserve them and safely show them to friends and collectors.
  14. Submissions of the Congratulations Set are eligible for the standard Silver Eagle special labels, which can be found in the article below. The set does require special submission instructions, which can be found at the link below. We appreciate your interest in NGC!
  15. Hi Paulezy, Thank you for your message. We offer a PreScreen service that reviews coins before they are encapsulated. This service is reserved for Authorized Dealers and Elite Collectors Society members only with submissions of 100 or more coins of the same type. We appreciate your interest in NGC.