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  1. Thanks for the reply & great words of advice! I totally agree with all you wrote. I’ve only been collecting/investing seriously since 2012 so I’m definitely still learning & discovering fascinating & beautiful coins almost every day. The eye appealing, physical beauty of coins is what initially got me started that’s why I love numismatics. But my interest has expanded tremendously from learning the rich history behind each precious metal I own thus far... In just few short years to come the Peace Dollar will turn 100 years old & I’m already anticipating an amazing anniversary release from the US Mint. Perhaps a silver & gold set of 3 including 1 .999 BU, 1 Proof & 1 Reverse Proof. One can only dream and start saving now. TR Wash, DC
  2. Over the last few years I've noticed a consistent, yet scary drop in the value of many of my numismatic coins. WHAT'S GOING ON? As Collectors and investors I know we pay what we're willing to pay for coins, however I've seen several drops in Key Date Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Anniversary ASE's etc? Also I've been purchasing as many BU 1921, 1928 Peace Dollars as I can afford (two of my personal faves) So far i've had every coin graded, is it recommended to continue grading such coins or should I leave a few ungraded? Lastly what direction should I take with my 24 coin complete set of AU/BU Peace Dollars? The 1934 S is said to be only an AU 55 which sucks!!! Please help!!!!