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  1. old thread Ed, those look pretty nice but unfortunately aren't related to this discussion. What you have are two Proof coins('62 and '63). Proofs are expected to have full steps since the striking pressure is so much greater than circulation or SMS coins. Grading services don't designate FS for Proofs for that reason.
  2. That's just what they look like when worn down.
  3. That's a good die chip. I'm wondering if the one with a crack in the same place is from the same die before it broke off or if it's another one about to chip.
  4. Microscope and rim pictures aren't necessary, this is very clearly a circulated coin. If the seller claimed it is unc, they are a liar, plain and simple. A truly uncirculated 1884-s $1 is a 5 figure coin. You won't find one raw on ebay or elsewhere for $140, it just isn't going to happen.
  5. Very cool! How do the shells hold closed? Does each half hold the edge of the coin or do they hold onto each other?
  6. That does look like a silver planchet. What's the weight? Does it sound different than the others if dropped on a wood surface? Are you able to take it anywhere that has an xrf scanner?
  7. Not back yet but here is the cert page with the NGC slab picture. Helps if I actually paste it in...
  8. My pictures aren't that great, I struggle photographing small coins
  9. It is quite attractive, I'm interested to see if NCS can remove some haze in the fields as well. I'll see if I can get a decent picture or two.
  10. I was able to check and it has the half hologram with only the NGC and ANA logos. I'll get it shipped out for regrade. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I don't recall if there is a PNG logo in the hologram. Is there a way to tell by certification number?
  12. Is there a way to know if a coin was graded prior to NGC designating PL on coins other than Morgan Dollars? Thanks!