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  1. Hi coinman have you seen pictures of them all? Two have now been sold the one in this post I still own as well as the one headed 1887 #4. What is your opinion in regards to the overal finish too. In general it seems much more whiter and slightly frosted compared to a other half crowns I have seen. Especially older ones as there not many years that produced a proof variant. I have other 1887 half crowns that just don’t seem to have the same finish at all. Thanyou for pointing out the raised knife edge rims. This is something I have completely over looked until you
  2. I think your right Don just googled, you can make out the horse on reverse of coin. Just quickly browsed 1787 maybe only seems to be the one variant too. I will keep looking. Thanks again 😀
  3. Have picked up your half crowns yet? Hope all is well
  4. Yes I will upload now items are being posted to me once it comes I can post better pics. looks old any idea of date ?
  5. Hi have this coin could anyone shed some light on it I haven’t a clue
  6. After further examination I’m now a little suspect on this coin as it has a B in the laureate of hair and should be an M if I’m correct also has no mint mark below wreath on front of coin. Could anyone share some light on these 2 points please. I was going to list today on eBay but I do not want to list incorrect details. I thrive on being a genuine seller not a dishonest one. If these too points suggest it is a modern reproduction then that’s how it will be listed. Hope someone can help ty
  7. Thankyou that would be awesome, much appreciated. 😀
  8. Hi guys need help with this picked up in an auction in group lot. This one sounded some alarm bells as weight is 2g under. Rings like silver but scratching block didn’t pick up a high silver content stayed orange. Thou my test is only accurate to 925 and this should be little less in fineness. Gut tells me fake please help Any opinioun on be helpful
  9. Cheers Don looks like a good find... im not disclosing how much I paid 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Hi guys, picked this up in auction in a group of 3 coins. Everything seems right with it, weight is correct, composition has high silver, diameter is right. Anyone who who has a good knowledge of Spanish colony coins. Who could help share some light on this one I would be greatful. I know it’s Peru Spanish colony, is also a very good grade. I dont one know how many were minted, how rare it’s is, or it’s value. please any help on those would be great
  11. Hi guys another British coin for sale, a 1904 gold half sovereign nice piece. Somewhere around to fine plus to Very fine grade. Good collectible coin 1904 gold half sovereign 3.93g, nice grade see photos
  12. Hi guys another coin going live on eBay A rare 1862 silver maundy 1.5 pence. A good grade somewhere between fine and very fine. Nice collectible coin
  13. Hi guys have a rare coin for sale again grade could’ve better none the less it’s a worthy collectible. As the title explains it’s a 1704 Queen Anne silver maundy 3 pence piece
  14. It’s silver clad as far as my research goes as it weighs 11.5 g
  15. Hi guys I picked up a 1965 half dollar appears normal but dollar are not my speciality. If if anyone notices anything out the ordinary. Please tell me. Thanks 😀
  16. Thanks for comment, it would have to be struck very hardly with another coins edge reeding. It’s cupro/nickel so not soft like silver. To me still looks deliberate maybe somebody has etched on there. Im just curious too anyone else’s opinion.
  17. Hi everybody, strolling through a large lot of coins the other night from house clearance. Came accross a 1977 crown coin that seems to have a tiny crown imprinted beneath the horse. Not quite center between legs. Closer to the back legs. Has there ever been another report like this. I thought it to be scratch at first then closer I looked especially the angled top looks like a crown. It’s good finish to, delibaretly done. You can see the workmanship in especially in pictures 2/3/4. 100% a crown. Any opiniouns on this would be great...
  18. Hi conder unfortunately there is no grading comments on any of the Spinks & sons slips that came with the coins when I purchased them at Cardiff auctions. All that was written was date of purchases from Spinks and these coin envelopes.
  19. This is the coin with rainbow toning 1887 Half Crown Exceptional Toning 10 Day Auction proof spinks & sons purchase This is coin with less toning and more proof polish Rare PROOF 1887 Half Crown 10 Day Auction Spinks & Son Ltd Purchase. Amazing This is the coin with not much toning and lots of proof polish it’s on a buy it now price Rare PROOF 1887 Half Crown Spinks &a
  20. Thanks Conder101, I gonna send my better one in for grading. My opinion is the coin in the photos above is the better of the four. However I’m really liking the the coin with superb toning too. Is is there a way of finding out what die numbers they are from photos? 3 are now listed on eBay. Many thanks for replying cheers Des
  21. Hi forum members I have 3 1887 half crowns for sale all I believe proof. All exceptional coins open to offers serious offers only thou please. I based in uk I’m able to post if required. Look forward to hearing from you guys. I would also also consider a swap for similar grade different year 1887 Half Crown Exceptional Toning 10 Day Auction proof spinks & sons purchase Rare PROOF 1887 Half Crown 10 Day Auction Spinks & Son L
  22. Hi forum members this is my last and fourth 1887 half crown which I believe is proof opinions would be much appreciated. Also any extra info like die number etc