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  1. nice coins pocket, is that 1887 shilling Proof ? 1902 crown is very nice good year to collect. yes I probably will get it slabbed
  2. You guys, I like the american takes on how the British are seen by our neighbors across the pond thou Im not hearing any apples or pears !!! HAHAHA. Or were Im from its actually normal to use language such as "Beauty in ummm", "is ummm","Does ummm","Don umm". References to where such pro-found, English might be used is " This coin is beauty in ummm" and to where somebody might reply "Tis an absolute bloody beauty aint ummm". Thanks for all the comments I love your guys input x
  3. Top grade 1901 halfcrown with superior toning of gold, green, purple. One of my best finds in 2018 from British auction houses.
  4. Hi there, I have not had a detailed look at reverse yet. There's similar toning all I know. Is there anything on the reverse that can determine if there a proof coin or not? When i get chance I will add some more photos.
  5. Hi guys picked up this beauty at auction house last week finally arrived in post today. Was sold in professional auction house and had been validated by there in house professional. It was also listed and mentioned as proof set in original box. I’m a avid coin collector and have 20 years experience. Unless it’s in a NGC slab I’m always cautious to grade. I Original coins its with original case. If you view the post please spend 30 seconds to leave a reply. Reply to grade, opinion to proof vs uncirculated, and if anyone is interested in the set also say. Once it’s been
  6. eBay link bottom of page Greece 10A Lepta KM# 55 1882 AU copper coin
  7. As title states George 1 silver shilling 1723, NGC guide KM# 539.3, SS/C at angles. Grade around F+\VF ebay link Genuine George I British Silver Shilling Coin 1723 about Very Fine KM# 539.3
  8. Thanks it is a very nice set. Totally agree VAT on new silver bullion sucks. £150 I might consider free postsge depending on where im sending to. have you viewed the ebay link ?
  9. Thanking you all for your opinions much appreciated. coin could well be in Market place soon👍
  10. Hi condor, I have updated new photos Maria 46-e possible my opinion or any the outlined shield. Only thing keeping me second guessing is long curved neck. Is that serpent head? I’m not sure it has enough angle for serpent head. I would really appreciate your take please
  11. Stunning coin date stamped never opened perfect as it was day it was minted also comes with the original box and all the extras from the royal mint 2014 UK First Birthday of Prince George £5 Silver Coin
  12. Stunning set never opened RARE Royal Mint 3 coin Silver Proof Set 150th anniversary Crimean War
  13. Hi guys looking for few opinions on grade of my 1844 Victoria Crown. I think it’s a VF easy, some suggestions from fellow forum buddies would be appreciated. If you view the post just take a few seconds to give me your personal opinion on the grade please. Thanks
  14. I can also notice the cow plough is more of a level top straight across the horizon. The plough also has very rectangular angles. Lots of 90 degree corners and square edges. This is another point worthy of noticing when considering what variety it is as others have different shape plough’s. If you also drew a line through the plough crossover intersection directly up the coin. You would also see this intersection is towards the right side of the horse directly under the mouth. This also only happens on a few varieties
  15. Yes there are only four that have ruffled fur and J to the right curve and angle. You have any idea of value and grade. Its patina is very thick
  16. I've found it JKK References RIC VII siscia # 240 There are quite a few varieties (14) I've narrowed it down to 4 possibilities
  17. After getting my magnifying glass out I can see 7 at the ending of date so its a 1787 defo. I've also noticed some key points that would help identify this which are as follows horizontal nasal eye is defined ears are defined and big bristle hair long curvature to neck there is clearly noticeable mouth outline also horizontal with small lower mouth ( some varieties have no mouth, or sloped ) below horse is a waved line Shield is outlined I believe its one of the outlined shield varieties I have only found pictures for MARIS 46-e,
  18. Im not even sure on the exact date either so you think its a 1786 ? Am I right in thinking its either 1786,1787 or 1788? I suppose I need to find out the exact variety before anyone could give me a rough estimate to value of this coin ? As I've noticed some a a lot rarer than others.
  19. I think you right KK, I'm still looking not decided entirely yet. The coin itself is still being posted to me once it arrives I will have better pictures. I also think the point you made earlier about the J behind the head of roma is also a good key to find this coin. As you rightly pointed out its very horizontal to a 90 degrees of the center of the coin. Whilst strolling through I've noticed there is a great deal of variations to the angle of this part of roma's helmet. Basically its narrowed the search down a great deal bristle back fur and J at a 90 degree angle to back of roma's
  20. Hi guys finally got coin in post here are the better photos hope this helps
  21. Thanks for the comment, im really struggling on seeing the mint marks below the twins and and the wolf. I can _S_N do you have any thoughts on what I’m missing here