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  1. So.................what was the outcome? Curious minds want to know!
  2. Wow! Customer service here is top notch! Well done, NGC!
  3. I have a 1875 MS63 3CN that looks PL. I'm thinking it may even be a proof. How can you tell the difference between a proof and a business strike? Especially in this year? I compared everything and did some research and they pretty much look identical to me.
  4. Not sure about the Vam, but the grade looks accurate to me.
  5. .....and now it shows received Feb 28th. So now, the received date changed 3 times.
  6. I sent in another submission on Feb. 10th. After NGC received my sub, It was delayed about a week before it was listed as "received." I just got an email from NGC thanking me for my submission and now my "received" date shows Feb. 27th. My "received" date just changed for some reason. I understand you all are back logged and I don't want to rush you by any means. I'm just wondering how and why my submission was received twice, a week and a half apart? Thanks in advance.
  7. This came back not long ago from my NGC submission. I'm just wondering why it didn't receive a numeric grade. Every other mint error that I see usually has a grade with it. Also, what is this worth? NFS, BTW. TIA.