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  1. I have a set of these Maple hologram coins. Yes, they are hard to photograph.
  2. Three ghost ships collection. I lost the pics from the third somehow, but had a pic with a little enhancement of the reverse.
  3. Breaking out my big gun here. (7oz.) .999 silver from the Medalic Arts Co. Part of a set honoring great coin designers.
  4. Wow, some simply AMAZING stuff here. Thanks for posting them, everyone.
  5. Here's a couple of bullion products from the Destiny series, (sharing the same obverse) the "Raven" and the "Dragon", and a hologram coin that looks amazing when catching the light in different angles.
  6. I'm at AU details. I don't think it would straight grade. Hope I'm wrong though.
  7. Here's one I got (what I think) a great deal on. (stock photo) More to come as I image them.
  8. Hello, I'm not sure about the markings on your coin, but at least you have a reply. 😇
  9. My first post in this theme but must say... Awesome coins everyone. This is new, but I really like the detailed reverse. John.
  10. One of my favorite world gold coins, and U.S. medal. Neat stuff everyone, keep them coming... 😁
  11. Here is an original 5 marks coin, and a modern silver round that utilizes the same design. (mostly)
  12. How do you delete a pic from a reply before submitting ? Thanks in advance. John.
  13. I saw this theme on another site, and thought it was very cool. Post anything that you feel is unusual, or just plain gorgeous. All coins, medals, tokens, rounds, etc.. ancient to modern are welcome. I'll start with this set. I like the clean obverse, and subject matter. One of the few Franklin Mint products, that are actually coins (as far as I know) Please feel free to join in. John.
  14. Damn, I fell for old, outdated post again. Thank you @Just Bob for pointing that out (and your post)
  15. I guess I should apologize??? Farewell ("real Expert") BTW, I've collected for over 40 yrs. New to this forum, not new to social communication or petty name calling.
  16. I just collect what appeals to me now. I no longer wish to collect all of a specific type, date/MM, rather I want just one nice example of the piece. Thanks to all that replied to this thread. John. Below is two examples of tokens/medals that I purchased simply because I liked the looks of them. #1 is from a set (Medallic Arts Co.) honoring great coin designers. (7 oz.) #2 is a Dan Carr (Cobb) (38gms)
  17. Picked up the half dollar at spot price to complete the 3pc. Set of centennial gold coins, (and to help out a friend) I will post all 3 of them.