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  1. GSA Hard Pack Holders Complete Set, Morgan Dollars 1878-1904 Including Varieties - please add a slot for 1881 cc Vam 2. Thank you.
  2. Hello...I just added my 1882 cc Vam 2C4 MS 66+ to my registry set. (GSA Hard Pack Holders Complete Set, Morgan Dollars 1878-1904 Including varieties.) The point values for the 1882 cc Vam 2 are all over the place. I believe the Vam 2C4 should be the same points as the Vam 2C3. If I were to purchase an 1882 cc without the Vam the points today would be higher than my Vam 2C4. Could you take a look at these areas? Thank you. Joyce Novitzke
  3. Thank you so much for your quick response. I appreciate your taking the time to thoroughly investigate my situation. I will promptly send the coin to NGC so the label reads exactly as the database. Thanks again!
  4. Purchased a GSA Morgan Silver Dollar 1880 cc Rev of 78 Vam 7. The label does not indicate Vam 7 and Hitlist 40 probably because the certification number is very low 3000306-007. The NGC database does indicate the coin is a Vam 7 and part of the Hitlist 40. Since I plan to leave my coins to my grandchildren, do you think I should send it in for a re-labeling so my heirs know its identity? What would I put on submission form regarding tier and service? Also, since there is no photo in the NGC database, will I need to request photo service or will you add a photo to the database. Thank you.
  5. I am a rather new collector of GSA Hoard coins with only two years of experience to date. I only know of two hard pack cases that the GSA (General Services Administration) sold to the public between 1962-64. (1) The case that houses the Carson City coins states Carson City on the front of the case above the coin and usually says Uncirculated below the coin. Some coins were set aside due to various factors and were placed in cases that do not say Uncirculated. That may be what the other poster referred to as a second case. (2) The non Carson City coins were placed in a case that states Uni
  6. When I attempted to add a newly purchased coin to my registry, I received a message that my new coin would be added to my inventory as it is listed in another person's registry. How is this resolved? Do I need to send you my receipt for the purchase? I am new to the registry and this is my first experience with a problem.