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  1. Does anyone know what state this seller lives in. Because I live in a area of old people getting scammed all the time and I’m sick of it them getting scammed .i think I’m onto something
  2. Thank you I am researching some things were left to me and I got out of the loop of things and wanna catch up. My grandpa and me did a lot of coins things and I probably look like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person on here Posting pictures of coins expecting people who put in the work to just give me the answers. My bad
  3. And proof sets all have deep cameo they were in his closet for 40 years
  4. No I haven’t. What variety’s are worth checking for
  5. And 1972 seems to have same finish as special Mint set
  6. Not trying to show off but still trying to figure out why each set has errors