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  1. Great article. I am very new at this and although I did not inherit an actual coin collection, my grandfather gave me a tobacco can fiIled with what I think is still called, "junk silver coins". I've carried the can of coins with me for a very long time and have looked at each coin twice now. I'm trying to pick out the best of each coin and or year now. My grandfather simply threw his pocket change into the can everyday, and that's what this "collection" is. I have no idea if any of it is worth anything, but I want to find out, because I think all the coins are really cool. It seems the grading companies want a steep price for each coin. I have about 50 to 75+ of them. The budget article - yes I'm concerned. I understand the Red and Blue books are out of date the minute they are printed, so I'm not sure really how to deal with all these coins. I can tell you though, I have not cleaned any of them...so I guess I have that going for me. I don't know the right way to clean them. I have put them in paper coin holders and do have some in flips now. Suggestions?