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  1. photographing the coins well is something I will need to figure out some day, especially slabbed ones. I appreciate you putting pictures of the actual setup and then these diagrams. I've always noticed coins looked best to me when on my desk, at night, and only lit by the computer monitor.
  2. check out, you can buy by the piece from sellers around the world/country. it's a lot cheaper than buying new sets. You can clean the parts when they show up. I've been getting my son tons of duplo parts through that since lockdown. If you had lego as a kid youtube is a rabbit hole of lego videos showing old sets from the 80s-90s
  3. My circle came out looking like that too. I remember having to visit the college library to use the internet so I could place a bid on a set of bicycle front fork shocks back in 2000, then having to get a postal money order made up to send to the seller to pay. It wasn't until about 2005 that my buying shifted almost entirely to coins and bullion.
  4. Check out the prices on some unopened LEGO sets from the 80s and 90s on Ebay and elsewhere; I remember seeing some of those Pirate ships at KMart as a kid and could not get them, and, apparently can never get them now either
  5. geez I didn't know it was so recent. I always hear about it, I never looked it up.
  6. How many years between these, which seem to be mid 90's, and the hyper-inflation trillion dollar notes we've seen? What a shame that it's so easy to make very attractive colorful banknotes, but another thing entirely to back up their value
  7. Legos are a collection, in fairness
  8. My kid is about same age as Rev's older one, and has been instructed that, like you, (1) my collection constitutes just part of the lavish grave goods that will fill my tomb; (2) I will haunt him if anything is missing; and (3) everything is also protected by a multi-generational curse
  9. that's a nice looking coin - should video it turning in the light while it's out of the slab
  10. yeah I need a haircut and should man up to the clippers. Your hair loss is nothing compared to where I'm at now, just turned 40. Didn't start till I knew my wife was pregnant. Anyways, turning into the King of the Netherlands couldn't be that bad. Especially in this economy.
  11. I have not been able to resist bidding still while this has been going on, and it appears that nobody else has either. I have att least three coins locked down in Europe till further notice, awaiting clearance under the stupid memorandum of understanding. I have not noticed a softness in the World and Ancient gold I am looking at. However, I did feel like the prices at the Japanese Auction World auction this past weekend offered some deals I could not take advantage of. It depended on the coin though. I think somebody got a great deal on the Ptolemy II gold tetradrachm that sold for under $4,000. I too am in desperate need of a dedicated office. I used to have one, a whole bedroom with a closet and everything. But that my kid got that. Now I have more of a Nook, which is insufficient. If you build it they will come. Meaning the local police of course
  12. I got one of the Netherlands Ducats books signed by the author with a little dedication to my kid in it: "You better not sell any of your dad's or grandpa's coins or else they will haunt you." I bought some 2016 mint stuff when my kid was born, apparently same as one of your kids. But I haven't gotten anything else since then. Of course hindsight is 2020, and we both would have done better to buy more 2016 gold in 2016, at least it looks that way presently. At least you got some. Interesting idea about quarantining the mail after it arrives. I don't have the patience for that, especially if I know there's coins inside. I wipe it with the wipes but that's about it. I was looking through my ebay purchases of some Thai coins from the end of last year and one padded envelope came to me from, you guessed it, Wuhan China! In mid November. Could have been coin zero.
  13. We used to like yo watch American Greed back in 2010-2013. Sounds similar. Most of my "2600 years of gold coins" I figure were struck on gold mined by slaves, plundered from defeated enemies, or even gained by melting down south american indian treasures. doesn't really bug me, and really, adds something to the allure of gold as being the motivation for such dastardly deeds. nice reminder of how comfortable and peaceful my life is lucky enough to be. Gold is gold, I think it is a little much to burden Englehard with knowing where it came from once it is in Miami. And if the US MINT is so worried about it they should mine it themselves or burden themselves with figuring out where each planchet came from.
  14. Hey I've had that 2 dollar canadian note since I was a kid and went to Canada in 1988. for some reason I kept it and still have it with some US $2 bills in a drawer in my old room at my parents' house
  15. No doubt your FB friends will be joining the ranks of gofundme hopefuls. The good news for them is it seems everyone will be getting gofunded by our government It looks like coin collectors are disproportionately ants. these auctions I've been bidding in the last 2 weeks have not shown any evidence of easy pickings. Anyways, this country has turned before and in our lifetimes from a country of mostly ants to mostly grasshoppers.