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  1. I am with youall the way on keeping everything in the same pronged style ngc holders not the old no-rim plugged hole kind And yeah leave all prongs it is confusing to the uninitiated to see coins with weird bite marks out of them great work I know how satisfying it is to get a uniform looking group
  2. I see these tokens, it is sad, and wonder how long till we live at Chuck E Cheese too
  3. There's no way my wife is finding out what the coins are worth till I'm dead. Or that will happen right after she finds out.
  4. US Mint has nothing I want. I'd take those gold 1916 rehashes from 2016 if I found them in a parking lot, but that's about it.
  5. I think at least for the late 1800s italy and friends were in a "Latin monetary union" that broke down when it turned out the vatican was quietly debasing its coins kaiser is collectable always. made a great coin say whatever else you want about him. I sold one of those 1900 20 marks 2 years ago and sort of regret that.
  6. any lady too good for legos instead of a rock isn't good enough for my tent
  7. yeah when I saw your post headline I was afraid I'd learn that NGC slabs disintegrate after 25 years or something. so much for "conservation." glad to hear that's not the story
  8. We need a slow release dermal .900 silver patch to aid with coin withdrawal. of course we'd wind up wearing dozens of them and still bidding It does feel good, incidentally, to lean your head back and put a silver dollar on your forehead for a while. Hope it helps, and the FDA has not evaluated these comments
  9. I save a fortune looking just at the front of coins
  10. you need to make sure the kids and wife know how to avoid depressing the floor tile that fires the spear
  11. yeah I've seen that thing. 3 is about perfect, 2 could make sense, and 5 or 6 would be a topping off point for a nice little gift set or breakout collection I think. The wall case? Maybe to fill with nonsense tokens as burglar bait but not for anything you actually like. Important to have a bunch of gold and silver electroplated bars and coins somewhere that will get found easily, can't beat this display to get them on the right path
  12. my avatar image is an old silver coin. collecting coins was a way to help me stop caring about metals prices.
  13. I've been looking at this kind of stuff too, considering kinds of 2-3 coin sets that could look good together in a nice box or frame. I saw those 3 slab wood boxes for about $30 on ebay, haven't committed yet. Any 3 gold coins ought to look good together! Put up a picture if you actually get one of these and put the slabs in it. I got one 3-part one last year, foam not wood, that doesn't fit PCGS, only NGC slabs. I think most other items selling now out there found a way to fit both and they say so in the description. Glad you survived your ordeal with some sense of humor too. That whole Texas thing has really added to the growing pile of things making me really want to move out to somewhere I can own a generator and store more stuff