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  1. I don't think it is but have posted it to another forum and I never got a definite answer was hoping someone here could help
  2. In God we trust and the mint seem double are they?
  3. It definitely different than a normal 2014 shield cent what caused this? This forum won't let me post more pictures but the coin also has a ridge on the obverse and along the edge the back is like does weight the same though I'm stumpped
  4. KI think my measurements are off because it's just a tad larger than a Lincoln center me measure it again it0s just a hair over 3/4 of an inch sorry for reading the tape measure wrong
  5. I have a coin I can't identify it weighs 3 grams and has slight markings can see a triangular line along with pilliars I'm on coin chat and they are telling me its not a Lincoln cent. It is about 2 millimeters thick and 24 millimeters wide. Can someone help