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  1. And actually even though you gentleman were correct about it being a wide I still made 400 dollars off of it
  2. WoodenJefferson heres the initial pic you requested
  3. My first post that one is most definitely closer
  4. By the way this is a wide
  5. And your opinion is much appreciated but the coin store here in town has a different one and will be buying mine in the next few hours
  6. Right and people clearly state that there are different types but ive heard from a certain person here in the ngc chat boards that a close am means that your m is significantly closer to the a and there is no set limit of the width that it has to be!
  7. The one at the beginning of the date doesn't have a curve like the number at the end
  8. What should I do with this I've weighed it and it weighs 3.0 grams so its not an 87 the only other number it resembles at first sight is a one but I'm pretty positive its not that either