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  1. Oh thanks guys so much for that information and your time you took to help me. As always, I appreciate you guys helping me learn. As an aside, a special shout out thanks for Pre-1947 silver tolerance variance. That definitely answers another question I won’t have to ask in the future because I have basically inherited as part of my startin, but continuing family collection a great many silver quarters , many of those many predating 1947, so that’s a huge extra bonus nugget. Collectively, everyone is rock solid on good, useful, and especially helping information to those who seek it. Cheers to ya all!
  2. Hey guys, i was reading the recent posting and a gentleman mentioned he had a 1976 no mint mark that weighed 5.9. Well that got me to weighing my small collection and the one you see in the picture only weighed 5.48. It is a 1976-D. Has anyone ever had one weIgh this small of an amount and, does anyone know if there are error quarters that are known to weigh this or is this just another case of that tride and true outlying variance? All of my other ones weighed no less than 5.6. Actually only 1 weighed that and all others weighed 5.65 and over. The coin is not in terrible condition or rubbed through constant circulation slick like or any of that. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Thanks, and I’m on that side as well. I initially thiught automatic machine doubling case closed but what a hell of a coincidence to have the machine doubling in every box that check off for the doubling for the double died. I took it over to Edelman’s in Jenkintown P.A today before they close. The father son have their family biz and have been doing it forever so I thought since my pictures are just not too quality at this point(I’m getting better I promise 😉) lets see what live eyes say in hand. They both stayed past closing and said what seems to be the consensus that the lean towards no but They spent over a half hour past closing dissecting it and they said we can’t tell you and we are leaning towards no because of an example they were using it against that graded has one peak on the ‘M’ not exactly matching direction but kinda like Wooden said...they said if they had the coin, the coincidence it too great and in the end you may have to take it around and get a consensus or submit it for grading to see definitively because in the end they can’t say either way. But, thanks for helping me guys, I really appreciate the input!
  4. If anyone else cares to venture an opinion but need further pictures please let me know and I will surely it them up straight away.
  5. Thank you very much for weighing in a Wooden and giving me some feedback. I have posted a few extra pics and maybe I can get some better shots of it. Is the part of the coin, in particular, that I should photograph that may help you, or others, further your and their opinion?
  6. Hi folks, thanks for everyone help getting me started with lots of great info. If no one minds, I was hoping to verify, either way, if this is a Doubled Died. Thanks for your help! It is greatly appreciate as always guys!
  7. Ah, I see. I couldn’t pull the name but that was indeed the person I was thinking of when counterfeiting crossed my mind. Thanks for the god info fellas, I’ve inherited this huge collection and over The past six months I’ve been l learning and now it’s part of my life but just so, so many different coins of every single denomination. Good to have fine folks to bounce an idea or verify a coin with as they come up. I have the books but when it comes to final say, I have been looking towards the members here and it’s been nothing but collective, balls accurate information. Thanks again fellas!
  8. You’re probably right...then again I’m constantly astounded what oddities seem I draw premiums when selling 🙂 maybe I’ll just put it up for a million dollars or best offer and see what eBay folk offer if anything.
  9. Absolutely, I’m learning just how fast and loose certain time periods use the word ‘variance’ 😁 I thought maybe it could’ve possibly been a counterfeit at that weight as I have read it was a common coin to do that with back when. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate the advice!
  10. Thanks so much, fun in little coin personalized from my grand pop...I can dig it! Thanks for for your confirmation, I really appreciate your response, Bob!
  11. Hey everyone, this was in my families old World War Two military box that held all the coins that I from time to time ask about. What do you make of this? Maybe my grandfather had a little fun with a couple nickels and put this together? Can this even be real in general? The two halves are the real deal weight and material wise. I’m a neophyte, so even though I assume this probably isn’t a real error and was manufacturered, I am just not up to snuff on how someone would do that. It’s a shame my grandfather, if it’s fake and were he who crafted this, had to use a 1943 😞
  12. Hey all, anyone encounter a nickel similar in weight? I know variance but isn’t this to low for a variance. Scale checks out, not broken or off. I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice on what this could be. Thanks so much guys!