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  1. I am not into the coin for too much money and don't mind if it grades lower - MS63 even, but would not want to lose the DDO attribute.
  2. I kee coming up with it as a Hesse-Cassel as well, but am thrown off because NGC listed as Bavaria. Yeah, it really does look great, tons of luster.
  3. I just bought this coin and am really happy with it, but cannot find anything out about it. It is odd when I look up a 1790 Germany Bavaria 1 Heller they do not look like this. Any help out there? I am not sure that this is a Bavarian German State Heller.
  4. Thanks for the feedback on the DDO attribution. I understand they would treat it as a raw coin, thus my hesitation on the regrading. The holder is scratched up and with the toning it is hard to get a good look at the reverse but in my opinion it looks more like the first pic when I look at it, the second pic is with added light magnification from an app I use.
  5. I would appreciate feedback on this one. I am not a fan at all of SEGS, but recently bought this coin. My plan is too submit here at NGC for cross over grading but am curious what people think about the DDO. I see the doubling in the 3, but not a lot of other places - although I have little knowledge on most VAMs. Less concerned about maintaining the MS65 but that would be nice. Obverse of coin is blazing white, reverse is toned. Thanks.