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  1. Correct - sorry for mis-communication. I still learning how to navigate this blog
  2. I'm sorry - I meant the online PCGS and NGC price guide. Although I have a Red Book and a Numismedia, its easier to go online ??
  3. As a reasonably new collector who only sells when upgrading a coin and mainly deals with eBay and great collections, any suggestions to these 2 thoughts . * When buying stick to a price of 75-80 percent of book value (unless it's a "must-have item). * When selling try to get 75-80 percent of book value or "break even". Obviously there are exceptions to this mind set, but I feel there is at least 25% of fluff in the hobby because of Non-collectors are just trying to make money (or are passing on eBay fees to buyer) Thoughts greatly appreciated.
  4. After calling them ; I found out the following : * Set is missing 1893, 1894 , 1895 and 1902 coins * all coins are Philadelphia mints except 1891 S I added up book values at 3395.00 (25% mark up) Coin collecting has lost it's hobby appeal and has become "BIG" business
  5. I thought it was too good to be true Upon investigation it's not L&C but LCR coins lol. I really don't understand "how these "fly by night" companies are allowed to misrepresent industry and stay in business
  6. L&C Coins has a complete Morgan set for 4995.00 ; it interests me because trying to get Morgans seem "price gouged" on eBay and great collections. Thoughts ??
  7. Wow, great information - thanx. As far as pics of Morgans - I have to get a better scanner / phone I decided to keep the ANACS 64 and sell PCGS 63 because I'm not really into toning (some look like tarnish me) and this one didn't have a nice toning - almost like the process was just starting around left edges only. The advice on "special" mint for the 2015-P was very valuable and it will remain as ICG. As far as TPG's - if I pay for grading I will stick with ANACS due to cost, But I will buy NGC and PCGS if buying slabs (hopefully without increase price for name). Exception: if I buy raw and send to Great Collections, I will pick NGC / PCGS service because they sell better. I will slow down on my Morgan chase with the frenzy over 2021 Morgan. Thanx again for all this input. This site is great for "Newbee's" thoughts
  8. Thanx for the advice and being gentle about ASE collecting
  9. After fulfilling my ASE fetish, I'm working on my Morgan fetish. 2 questions: 1) If you wanted to keep one and sell one between (2) 1887 Morgan PCGS 63 and an ANACS 64; which would you keep ? 2) Would you have a 2015-P ASE, MS 69 graded by ICG regraded by one of the big 2 ? I use to live off Anacs because of price but I'm seeing a disparity in the prices of different grading companies for same grade coin. Thanx for any help for this newbie collector.
  10. I am sorry - I was reading the wrong scale. I'm better cross referencing books than the computer when cross referencing Nice looking coin - thanx for the awareness of my error.
  11. Thanx Woods020 - that makes me feel better. RWB, how much did that run you ?
  12. Thanx for information. Very helpful because I'm not in it to make money, but I don't want to overpay or sell at unreasonable price.
  13. Thanx so much. In the US Coin ASE's appeared to be priced as raw coin ?