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  1. do you know the year of this coin?

    Yes it is a copper rim
  2. in your best opinion, do you think this 1959 Franklin Half will get a cam or dcam grade like this nickel I have? I am looking at my coins that's graded with dcam from the 1974 and earlier and they look like this Franklin. But I am now confused because none of my graded coins with dcam have any frost like features. Thanks
  3. Hi I think this coin is a 1969 dime but I cant really tell for sure. thanks
  4. Thanks for answering my question. I don't know why that cloud is there because it's not showing on the coin
  5. Sorry about that.
  6. hi I bought a 1964 nickel from a coin shop. The store was really attentive to their proofs, and had their coins labeled by dates and mint mark. All of the uncirculated pics that I have see looks like this nickel but also all of the proofs kind of looks like this nickel. I wrote a post on cointalk but all I got were possibly a proof or maybe a proof no definite answer either way, so I'm hoping its a uncirculated. Thanks