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  1. I posted a side image the edge is fairly flat compared to other roman coins of that era( but it doesnt look like it was cut.. can a copper coin of that are have a fairly flat( albiet corroded) edge? or would it be rounded throughout the ages?
  2. Okay Thanks. I wanted to know if it appeared genuine, So its just stripped?
  3. I agree. I have a bad feeling about that coin. the lettering is strange.
  4. I am planning on buying this. Does this Nero coin appear authentic ? ( no red flags) Can someone give ma an ID of what exactly the coin is? mint?RIC? etc What grading would you give? Thanks a bunch guys Richard its about 28mm weight still unknown does it appear genuine? heres the side view you wanted. thank you question- why cant i reply to my own thread? I can only edit my OP?