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  1. 2020 WW2 Silver Eagle is supposed to come out towards the end of the yr. with a mint of 75k. Is anyone else excited and nervous at the same time b/c of the 2019s enhance proof debacle? I'm going to be one of those guys and probable eBay bid on multiple pre orders. I know is sounds crazy but I can't let this coin go b/c it will be key in the set.. Anyway good luck and coin hunting..Ohhh be safe, healthy and wash your dam hands and face!!!!
  2. Yes that is a possibility and the frustration I hope was worth it. If it even touches the realm of the 1995 W IMO it was worth the headache..lol
  3. WOW, AND MANY WOWS afterwards. I am sure like many collectors getting one of these coins was a nightmare. Some of us "Lucked Out", I mean some how, some way we got through. I was fortunate enough to get my order through and I will post pictures of it once it arrives. I might have it graded by NGC, but I am in no rush because the coin isn't going anywhere. To those who lucked out and to those who missed out there might be a chance of some returns or cancelled orders (not likely with the mintage at 30k)
  4. I have mixed emotions on this new addition to the series. The aesthetics are throwing me off just enough to maybe detour me from placing an order 16Aug19 at noon. I really want to like this piece but the Eagle looks sloppy and Lady Liberty looks weird (maybe forehead or eyes) IDK. The mint is only minting 50k so that might be my deciding factor to p/u one up (maybe worth something down the road, still $100.00 though..OUCH!). What does the community think? So great has been the endurance, so incredible the achievement, that, as long as the sun keeps a set course in heaven, it would be foolish to despair of the human race. Ernest L. Woodward
  5. Actually I never thought about that. I only go through NGC when it comes to TPG. I checked out ANACS and they seem legit and extremely fair in price. Again thanks for the input and help, much respect!!! -So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of each man's genius contracts itself to a very few hours.- Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. Ahhhh good look! Now I understand what you’re saying. I might send it out for verification. Thanks
  7. I focused on that area as well and I couldn't find any "grinding marks" then again maybe I missed something and you spotted something. Unfortunately the heavy corrosion is terrible and I am not sure If NGC or any TPG will take a chance and certify it. The electron scope was around 70% magnification any more and the photos get blurry. Thanks for the input.
  8. Hey peeps I have the day off, no kid, no old lady and screw the house work (until tomorrow..lol). Any ways I was sifting through some old coins I picked up many, many moons ago in VA at a old yard/barn sale and I notice this a 1922/no D? I been soaking the coin in olive oil hoping for the heavy tarnish material falls off. I notice heavy damage/corrosion to the coin. So I took some photos of it under a electric microscope. What does the community think?
  9. Welcome to the thread..It does seem to be the vibe in the numismatic community about the ASE. Yet people are grabbing them up on EBay..at least the unique finishes. Like stated in the above that’s my goal forward until they come out with some new. I have a boat load of un-slabbed SE almost the whole set except for the 15k (you’re high as a kite price unless I hit the big one, in that case never..lol), and minus a couple I’m in no hurry to get. I’ve been looking to get into to the Panda series. Those are some sharp pieces
  10. Hhhmmmm...If you’re referring to the cookie cutter, same thing different toilet design? Sure no rebuttal in this corner. Where our taste and preferences may differ are, I’m more of a traditionalist. I appreciate how different artists incorporate a design to a particular series to pay tribute or pure satisfaction of the art itself/history in itself. America is a young nation in the old world. True Story: I got into numismatics when I was a kid because I appreciated the art. As I grew older I gain more interest in history and through my hobby of coin collecting. I learned so much more because of the history of the coin. What where the economic conditions, ore availability, who was the SEC. of Treasury, political climate etc. off 1 little coin. We all collect for our own reason because we appreciate the hobby.. Again great conversation and perspective! Note: If any grammatical or incoherent sentences. I blame it on my IPad...
  11. Absolutely agree with you guys!! Well stated and points taken. It’s true the US Mint is milking the S.E worse than Disney milking Marvel (Bless Mr. Lee). Which is why I only collect semi-date or Unique finish. At one point I was focusing on the PF series, but like mentioned above it is getting out of hand. It’s ironic you mentioned how boring the series has become...lol..I see nothing wrong with retiring the series maybe the next anniversary date and bring something new, fresh, just as beautiful and respected? greatly appreciate the conversations
  12. Interesting point of view my friend. I think it will stick around due to the low mintage/relative and the "funny finish". Some S.E. collectors myself included collect only the unique finishes or low mintage dates/semi-key dates. Will it command stupid $$ in 20-30 yrs?, only time will tell. I was doing some research or scouting threads on various sites and there seems to be a mixed emotion. Some people/collectors believe it will be a key date others believe it will die down like you have stated..
  13. Yes Sir. that was my thought process. I already see cats marking the out of the set before the release date on EBay Roughly between $200-$1000...
  14. I drank the Kool-Aide: I purchased the set the minute it was released. I am excited for the new finish and the nostalgia with the S.E paired with the Maple leaf. What is your guys opinion on the future of the set, Possible demand or possible return?
  15. Awesome thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction!