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  1. Hi Modwriter, the theory is you never dump coins you gone through in the bank that you're requesting coins from. the other thing is what are you looking for? the banks don't know what they are getting. it's a game of chance. if you're looking for the quarter with a "W" then you have to keep looking. welcome, G
  2. Hi Jonescoins, Your coins has a lot of, what i would think is, damage, If you ask this group for their opinion then that's what you're going to get. they don't have time to sugarcoat anything and that not their job. If you want to save your cons for your son that is your call. I was saving a lot of coins but my son said he didn't want them and they are not worth saving. I put them up here and this group tells me the same thing. if you save coins with damage they with just continue to get worse. Good luck with you search, G
  3. it's is so sad that people have to do this.. what is this world come too... so sad... thank you, G
  4. well it's a good thing i have you guys and lady's to keep me on the right road.. you have know ideal how much you have help me!!! trust me i have no money and don't want to buy any coins!! My Son, who is wonderful wants nothing to do with any thing i have. but i have sell or get rid of it!! thank you, G
  5. there isn't any error that i can see but they're supposed to be low mintage and in relatively good shape so I hope they are worth something more than face value.. so many people have coins like this on ebay for thousands of dollars which i thinks is ridiculous. since I'm not a very grader I would like your opinion before I post them for sale. thank you for your help, G
  6. if it a large date but it not a DDO. it not value right.. maybe 5 to 15 dollar ?
  7. Hi Peter, How are you? I have look at $30 dollars of penny and only found one MD penny.. It seem that real DDO are very hard to fine. We will keep looking and one day we will find one!! have a great day. G
  8. My grandfather had boat in a bottle. I saw it up in Canada in my younger day? its absolutely fascinating how they can do that without damaging either of them.. the law of physics.. take care. G
  9. you should take pictures and put them up here first.. you will save a lot of time and money. this group can tell you what you have and the about grade faster than sending them off to get grading. you may have some that aren't worth grading. good lucky.