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  1. No, I looked them up for value and none were worth spending $70 on.
  2. OK, I see it. Any idea where it may have come from?
  3. I had a few silver dollars I received from my Dad, most of them Morgans. But one was an 1855 Seated Liberty. I looked up all the dollars in a redbook and found that the 1855 was very valuable. I estimated it to be about a 20. Maybe even 25. So, I mailed it in to NGC to get it graded and encapsulated. I thought I could get $2,000-$3000 for it. It was returned in a flip that said "Not Genuine" with no explanation. I don't see a problem. I have seen many counterfeit Chinese coins for sale on eBay, but Chinese coins look new, not circulated. Anyone have a clue on this?