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  1. is it possible to have a D mint mark, just barely there? like it is almost like it didnt hit all the way?
  2. This 1929 Lincoln wheat cent looks clean. I see. very little to no detail in the beard but there is in the hair and chin, lower beard. the bow tie and the mouth as well as every other device seem to b in quite good shape. But im not an expert. So does anyone care to guess a grade for this? thanks
  3. did you buy it? or treasure hunt it? aren't they rare? whats the value?
  4. here are some more pics. I think these are the split serifs ? its a 1982 small date no mm zinc
  5. If a sought after, rare penny like a 1992 close AM or a 1982d small date copper , were damaged; would they be of any significant value still? The type of damage where devices look enlarged and there are dings and dents everywhere... Would it still be anything ?
  6. I am not certain this is a DDO and maybe DDR 1982....but it seems to be more like one than I have ever thought one to be.
  7. So from what i have gathered, there is a known variety for 1962D DDO on variety Vista. Yet there wasn't A picture so maybe it's not verified? I have no clue. But this looks semi similar to the 1962 P DDO. At the top of the 6
  8. This penny here looks like devices are thickened and it's in pretty good condition. So what does anyone else think? Recirculate ? Or keep?
  9. This 2014D Florida everglades looks like it was reprinted or doubled in certain areas and in different angles of the quarter. The red circled areas look like another nose and and other mint mark? Any opinions?
  10. The left is a MS 67, so what might the right one be? Any and all guesstimates are appreciated! Thanks
  11. I have got a 1955D. The one on the left is a MS 67. So what do you think the one on the right would be possibly? Thanks , All estimates are appreciated !