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  1. I don't see the so-called "Blakesley Effect," so I doubt it's a clipped planchet. For more on the Blakesley Effect, Google or see This link has a decent article but it was difficult to make the thing load. I finally has to use IE because it wouldn't load in Chrome or Firefox. Mark
  2. ATS I saw a link to a lawsuit in which NGC played a key role: In that file, in “Part B The Defense Case” the defense “expert” checked NGC’s grading of 1,671 coins. These coins went through what is apparently NGC’s usual 3-person grading in which two graders initially grade the coin and then a finalizer determines the ultimate grade. Of these coins, the initial two graders had the same grade 90% (!!) of the time. They differed on only 167 coins and of these coins ONLY 11 had a discrepancy of 2 or more points. It’s hard to tell the range of the grades, but apparently they ranged from about MS65 to AU50. I presume that a difference in grades of AU55 and AU53 would count as a difference of “2 or more points,” even though it’s actually a difference of only one grade. Nonetheless, I think that the consistency of NGC’s graders is truly remarkable. Mark
  3. I also haven't seen any changes. But given Conder101's expertise in slab history, I hope he has been following CAC stickers a LOT more closely than me.
  4. Hey Conder101: Given that you will always be my expert on the history of PCGS slabs, have there been any changes in the CAC stickers over time? Thanks! Mark
  5. What a great time you had and that I got to enjoy! I can't ever attend the Summer Seminar due to my job but after your post, I feel like I've just attended my first! Thanks so much. Mark
  6. I vaguely recall that if you go ATS roadrunner knows some of Mr. Tulving's history. But I hasten to add that I may be incorrect. Mark
  7. Mark: Other than cleaning, what is the most common way for proofs to acquire hairlines? For 19th century proofs, was it perhaps their storage by collectors? Thanks in advance! Mark
  8. messydesk: !!! More seriously, I'm surprised that NGC did not make the Chinese boxes red given that red apparently means good luck in China. Mark
  9. Can't see much of the details of the coins but the quantity shown in the picture is still very impressive. I bet it was just a lot of fun to lay the coins out in order to take a picture!! Your picture definitely gives me the incentive to visit my SDB and do something similar. My picture won't be as impressive but the fun will still be there! Mark
  10. I am DARN glad that Carr's "coins" can't be CACed. Think about how long that thread would be! Mark
  11. I second Raisethis2's suggestion to contact Mark Feld BEFORE you even think about venturing into a local dealer. Mark is a highly qualified, highly respected dealer working with one of the largest coin companies (Heritage) in existence. His advice will be sound. Mark PS: I have no connection with Heritage other than buying coins from them in their auctions.t
  12. I'd rather mangement poof the post than the poster because it would be a royal pain in the rear to track down some of you that I really like to follow! Mark
  13. coinman_23885: We could test my "theory" that trolls and hard feelings lead to people leaving by getting into a real nasty disagreement in this thread to see if we drive anyone off. More seriously, I certainly agree with you that fewer threads leads to less interest. The problem, of course, is that in turn less interest leads to fewer threads. I like SkyMan's suggestion for people to post photographs of their NEWPS to unique threads. Unfortunately I have zero skill in taking photographs so unless the coin comes with pictures, I won't be posting much. But I sure enjoy looking at other collectors' purchases. Mark
  14. Idhair: To tackle your op, I think that some people have left due to the presence of a few trolls who post an innumerable number of nonsensical words in many posts on many threads. In addition, there is one particular topic that virtually always leads to hundreds of posts that shed no additional light on a well worn topic. I know that I grow tired of these posters and threads and when one is roaring, I don't glance over here for a few days to let it settle down. Given the very lightly moderated nature of these boards, I don't know what can be done about what I see as these two problems. It seems to me that these boards get more new collectors asking basic questions about their coins than do the boards ATS. But these new collectors 1) hardly seem to stick around, and 2) aren't going to provide much motivation for more experienced collectors to continue their posting. Mark
  15. As I said before, this is a thoroughly fun thread. I anticipate seeing something beautiful when it's done! And congratulations on the NCIS job. You have to let us (or, actually all I care about is me ) know when your episode airs. Mark
  16. Bill: I saw your coin and instantly looked for the "like" button to click. But that button is, of course, ATS. So let me spell it out: I LIKE YOUR COIN! Very, very nice.
  17. SkyMan: It's interesting the huge difference you got in the number of responses to your post here versus ATS. I think about the only way to get a large number of responses here is to put DCarr's name in the title. For example, I suggest you edit the title to this thread to be "Does DCarr normally buy raw coins, slabbed coins, or some mix of the two?" With this small change, you can expect about 90 replies. Mark
  18. MintStateNumismatist: Interesting story how you got the bag. Now, I know I could do the math myself, but if you don't mind me asking, about how much does it weigh? And, at least for me, your picture did not post. If it's universal that it did not post, I think it would be fun to see your picture of the bag. I probably would not open the bag simply because it has survived over 40 years without being opened. If I wanted to think of it in terms of an investment, I'd rationalize my decision with the (probably foolish) belief that its value would climb as years passed and it remains unopened. Mark
  19. Mark my words--Mark knew Mark's opinion about marking the "coins." A bit more seriously, I think Mark's (MJ) comment that he would not buy the "coins" if they said "copy" on them might explain why DCarr does not put the word "copy" on them. Not that Mark (MJ) is the entire market, but to the extent he is representative, the demand for the "coins" would be lower, to the detriment of sales. Mark
  20. Mark: Would you enjoy your Carr "coins" any less if they had the word "copy" on them? Mark PS: It really does seem odd addressing a post to "Mark" and then signing it "Mark." Where I grew up, "Mark" was an uncommon name. But here we have at least 3 of us posting...
  21. HT: I have experience at GC and Heritage only as a buyer. I have bought a few coins at GC and many more at Heritage simply because Heritage has more of the type of coins that interest me. For example, the last coin I purchased from Heritage was a pattern. Currently Heritage has 30 patterns that are or will be for sale. It's not quite as easy to find patterns on GC's website but when I checked last week I think they had 6 or 7. I also collect classic silver commemoratives. Heritage currently has 501 that are or will be for sale. GC has 109. And a LOT of GC's are "retreads;" coins that have been appearing in their auctions for 6 months or more and do not sell because their reserve is too high. I think it's easy to see why I like Heritage. But there are times when GC has commemoratives that I really like and I've been fortunate enough to win a few. I think GC does a MUCH better job of (occasionally) having commemoratives that interest me in their weekly auctions than Heritage can manage in their weekly Tuesday/Sunday auctions. Indeed, I am not a big fan of Heritage's weekly auctions because I think the coins are generally lower grade. So, as a buyer, I prefer Heritage but GC is definitely worth looking at every week. Mark
  22. I think I'd like to petition NGC to create a separate DCarr forum. That way this apparently eternal battle can be more easily joined by all the combatants because they will not need to waste time sorting through other threads. Mark
  23. Mark: Thanks from me, too. Unlike the OP, I actually read Heritage's terms, so I have known for a long time that Heritage may bid on a coin. But I did not know how the buy-it-now price was determined. Mark
  24. Number200K: I have no affiliation with Heritage so you can now remove that little thought from your mind. If you care to apologize, the apology will be accepted. Sotheby's and Christie's do effectively the same when they give a price guarantee on a work. They will bid/buy the item as long as it is below the guaranteed price. Sometimes they even pay a specific bidder to bid on an item so they (Sotheby's and Christie's) do not need to take possession of the item. Maybe you want to add them to your lawsuit? Mark
  25. As a buyer, I am not thrilled that Heritage will bid on coins because that means no bargains for me. As a seller, I'd be thrilled that Heritage will bid on coins because that means no extreme losses for me. As a buyer, I am happy that sellers are thrilled because that means they will consign more and better coins to Heritage which gives me a chance to acquire them. Also as a buyer, more often that not I win coins for less than my maximum bid. I am very content with Heritage and think any such law suit as the OP suggested is basically a waste of time. Mark