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  1. Hello and welcome to the club. I had this happen to me once where 5 coins were registered to someone else. For me it was corrected in about two days but while I waited I also prepared for the worst "stolen Coins". So I prepared myself by finding all the documents on my purchases for each coin. Fortunately all my coins went through okay in a couple of days with no issue. You are probably going to hear from NGC soon but it really depends on the response time from the previous owner. In the meantime just enjoy your collection and the competitive spirit that comes with collecting.
  2. I also purchased a couple of these sets. At 100,000 American sets and 10,000 Canadian sets I expect them to be in high demand and bring in a decent premium in the near future.
  3. That is the Sheldon grading scale. Coins are graded lowest to highest with 70 being the highest possible score.
  4. If the pictures don't show up when you verify the number than you must take your own pictures and add them by clicking on the pencil emblem.