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    I am gonna miss that car.

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  1. I continue to pay cash for most things!
  2. great coins, I bet those photos don't do the coin justice!
  3. Mk123

    In the Mean Time...

    OP congrats on the 5 peseta pattern, its lovely! I want a 1870 5 peseta for my world crown collection, love the obverse design! Your lucky you are retired, I wish I could retire right now!
  4. Elshahed are you saying the Egyptian govt confiscates all pre 1952 egyptian coins? I have noticed a lot of egyptian coins go for a lot of money and there is lots of bidding on them.
  5. Eliasberg mostly dealt with US or was he also into World Coins? For the 21st century it would have to be the Tyrant Collection for world wow wow!
  6. 12.5x is a really good price!! GL OP, if I was needing some 90% I'd jump on this
  7. Wow this is very neat, too bad people got rid of the shells when submitting, what a shame!
  8. jackson, thats beautiful!! wow!
  9. Hi Lisa and other it possible to return to how it was before the update and get separate sections for World Coins/Ancients and US coins? I don't like how both are mixed together and I'm sure others have mentioned this to you. It wouldn't be too difficult I would imagine, just add another section..... Thanks!
  10. I don't think it will. Send it in and let us know!