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    I am gonna miss that car.

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  1. not bad at all, you did great! Keep it up!
  2. Mk123

    The Elephant and the Snake

    just beautiful and nice write up!!
  3. thats what the seller gets for being greedy!! wow.........from 875 to 300ish!
  4. no way will you get 50k for these coins and you will not get MS66 at all on any of these.
  5. Disgusting chinese fakes! When I was in thailand recently, I saw tons and tons of US coins obviously made in China.....yuck
  6. coinsandmedals, can't wait to see what the grades come back as, seems like yours will be graded fairly soon! As for the newp, its beautiful!
  7. nice report and nice sov!
  8. Not gonna try guessing but gonna follow and see what your results are!!
  9. I'd love to see a pic of these 1500 uncirc silver dollars!
  10. what is the gold weight of these 20 francs? About 1/4 oz? You got something with gold value and its old and a neat design compared with modern gold coins