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  1. LOL oh my the number of fakes shown in this thread. The chinese must be happy, so many people buying their frigging fakes!!
  2. Mk123


    Are some of you guys joking? Seriously. PCGS DOESNT even allow NGC coins in any sets however NGC still allows PCGS coins in the custom registry. Why aren't you outraged at PCGS? Instead you turn it on NGC and threaten to not buy NGC coins at all. What the heck.
  3. Mk123

    help with my auction find

    I'd bet all of them are fake!
  4. send it in to NGC and let us know!
  5. Mk123

    Check out my new $.

    Wow, I love it!! Has a nice original look to it like Mark said!
  6. Mk123

    My 2nd submission to NGC!

    Ok, NGC just posted my submission results.....drum roll..............argh!!! Did better than last time but was hoping for better!!! So lets run through this: The 1st one, the baht I expected to graded and it did, XF is fine, it'll replace a duplicate lower grade one so I'll sell the lower grade one. Very happy The 2nd one, I expected either really low grade or maybe details.....glad it got a grade, very few population numbers, of course I'm happy The 3rd one, the 1/16 I didn't expect the MS grade! Its my highest graded one so I can sell 1 or 2 lower grade ones. Very happy The 4th one, I expected higher than a VF but will take a straight grade. #5-10. Geesh I didn't expect that at all. I especially thought #7,9, and 10 were nice and would grade! Alas, NGC thought it was AU but details due to environmental damage and or a cleaning that I missed!!! Thats the main thing I've noticed from other submissions of thai many get environmental damage or are cleaned!! This is why I sent these coins in, I want them preserved but also hoping that they don't get that dreaded details. Live and learn! #11-19 everything graded yay! I was hoping that some of the 1899 1/2 att would get higher than a 63/64, they looked very nice, I had hoped for 65 or higher! So my first submission I sent in 19 thai coins, 11 straight graded, 8 got details My 2nd submission (this one) I sent in 19 thai coins, 13 straight graded, 6 got details. I did better but want to do much better! Will there be a submission #3, maybe if I can come up with 19 more thai coins that need submitting. I try to buy slabbed but if I do get a great deal on some raw ones I will pick them up and put them aside for another submission but its gonna be a while as I'm very cautious due to many getting details!
  7. Mk123

    "Verify NGC Certification"

    @LancekIn general if you submit to NGC, once they grade a coin and ship it to you, you can can actually look up the coin by typing in the cert # and the grades. These pictures aren't the best but NGC takes pics of each coin they grade, you can use them to verify if a certain one is the same as one being sold, etc. If you want higher grade pictures, they have something called photo vision which is absolutely fantastic. With photovision, I think they email you the pictures.
  8. Mk123

    Morgan Candidates for NCS?

    leave them be. Now if you had pvc on them, definitely get that taken care of
  9. I'd say 16-18 in value....
  10. Mk123

    I used to be concerned

    totally agree with you numisport. I'd rather save a bunch of money and get a nice 69 than pay up for a 70. I still don't understand modern bullion collectors who want ms70/pf70s.
  11. Mk123

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

    morganthebrave, this is that same medal that NGC said was not genuine the first time right? Looks beautiful in that large holder!!
  12. Mk123


  13. @LeeAdd NGC gets sent coins that range from a few bucks to hundreds of thousands and I haven't heard of people getting coins stolen or switched out. The person on facebook......I can hardly understand him/her.........but what they show and claim, honestly looks like they may have had the coin conserved but it looks like the same coin
  14. Mk123

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Now that is a beautiful those die polish lines!!! @numisport She would probably call them dreck or want PCGS and CACs opinion on them
  15. post screenshots please!!!