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  1. Hi Ali/NGC registry got your email about adding the Thailand Rama IV set and its up now too! I have already started to add coins to that set. I did however find some problems for you to look into: 1860 fuang 1869 fuang These two should be removed, the 1869 you already have put it in the Rama V set. Also the 1860 fuang has a slot already, the 18601/8 baht which is also known as a fuang. Also can you add in (1862 1/16 fuang). Its totally separate from the 1868 1/16 fuang and different too. Also I tried adding the following certs to the 1860 set but currently its not allowing them to be added: 1865 1/4 fuang 4189558018 1865 1/2 fuang 4091452002 1862 1/8 fuang 2823291002 Thank you Mike!
  2. congrats coinsandmedals on the grades you got!
  3. Mk123

    2018 Awards

    congrats to the winners, I really do enjoy reading the descriptions in the sets!
  4. Mk123

    Proof queen 1887 jubilee coin set

    its lovely! If one sends it in, I wonder if NCS may need to be used?
  5. Mk123

    discovery coins

    sorry youngmagg but what you have it a damaged penny, nothing special
  6. will you get this slabbed by NGC?
  7. Mk123

    Reporting gassed holders

    way to go NGC!
  8. Mk123

    If at first you don't Succeed!

    I didn't even know there was a PL indian cent! Congrats, I really love PL coins, I may start up a set myself!!
  9. Mk123

    NGC Graded Coins Missing in Return Shipment

    just be patient. Lots of packages are late,etc. Its registered so it'll be safe
  10. @Robaire There aren't very many thai collectors and many are in thailand and are private. I'm one of a very few american thai coin collectors. I've scoured IG and found only a few and even then they don't really share much info. NGC is knowledgable so I hope they approve of a rama IV set so that I can put my coins in that competitive set.
  11. Mk123

    Sometimes you hate the game and especially the player…

    LOL PR69 1909 proof? SUUUUURE. Please stop this fake bs nonsense.
  12. Ali, can NGC add a Rama IV type set for Thailand? It would need the following: Thai 1860 1 baht Thai 1860 1/2 baht Thai 1860 1/4 baht Thai 1860 1/8 baht Thai 1860 1/16 baht Thai 1862 1/8 fuang Thai 1862 1/16 fuang Thai 1863 2 baht Their is a rama V set, but nothing at all for Rama IV which NGC grades and I have all the coins for this set! Please add!!
  13. Mk123

    NGC Upgrades NGC Registry - Available now!

    Ali, the new feature of using NGC pics, will this be available for custom registry sets? I really like the feature as some coins I don't have a pic, a NGC pic will be good enough.
  14. LOL oh my the number of fakes shown in this thread. The chinese must be happy, so many people buying their frigging fakes!!
  15. Mk123


    Are some of you guys joking? Seriously. PCGS DOESNT even allow NGC coins in any sets however NGC still allows PCGS coins in the custom registry. Why aren't you outraged at PCGS? Instead you turn it on NGC and threaten to not buy NGC coins at all. What the heck.