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  1. I have no problem at all with this software or on the NGC website; My computer makeup is: Intel 7 - 4790 CPU, 32 GB fast memory, NVidia GeForce GT-730, Win 7 64 bit. I use Internet Explorer. Never had a problem with this site or any other.
  2. "it's real!!!" Are ya sure about that? Better have someone look it over. The 5 is odd as CRAWTOMAIC said.
  3. Welcome to the NGC side; glad you came over.
  4. Nice score B.L.21; hope they work out for you. I am envious; I always wanted to collect some ancients but never knew where to start.
  5. I personally wouldn't buy one but there are some that will. Are they worth it? The buyer determines that.
  6. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is not authentic. I may be completely wrong; the old eyes aren't as good as they were. Now here's one reason for my guess: The mintmark. Here is a pic of an authentic 1889 CC mint mark: And here is a 100% guaranteed fake 1989 CC reverse (Pic #2) As I said - I'm just guessing but a 1889 CC that nice and not slabbed?
  7. I only own one civil war token but I hope to find more like this:
  8. Some things never change. I am "slightly amused".
  9. I have several ANACS, IGA, etc photo grade certs but yours is the first I've seen without a grade. I believe yours is from 1979 mine are from the mid 80's. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  10. 'Obsolete' currency. There's lots of it from both Northern and Southern banks. Check EBay section - Paper Money - Obsolete Currency. Some are scarce and costly.
  11. Filbullion: I always use the US Postal Service. I ship the coins Priority Mail Flat Rate Box w/Insurance. From Pennsylvania to Sarasota, Florida takes 3 to 5 days and you get a Tracking Number that will tell you the progress of your package. I have heard of coins lost in the mail BUT - I have never had a lost shipment in all the years I've sent coins for grading. NGC and PCGS are pretty good in telling you when your order arrives and it's status throughout the grading process. Make sure you c heck out the NGC web site for a lot of valuable information. And don't forget - if you have a question - ask here.
  12. Just what jgrinz said. Becoming a member saves money, gives you a sense you have more control over your submissions and can be a lot of fun. When submitting Economy you need to have patience. Economy saves on money but adds to turn around time. BTW: Welcome and if you need assistance this is the place - just ask. The folks here have decades of experience in coin collecting.
  13. Both are simply beautiful. Thanks for posting guys.
  14. What does it mean when a coin is returned without being crossed from PCGS and has a 'Red Circle' on it? (Order number 4720838)
  15. Some really great finds you got there; congrats.
  16. A decade or so ago I made the border crossing at Sumas 10 times both ways and I found the US & Canadian agents to be fairly professional and mostly courteous. One time coming back a US agent was a little tense with me but noting that couldn't be tolerated. The Canada - Alaska crossing was pretty much the same. So Canadacoins123 welcome and I hope your visit is pleasant.
  17. You can buy a PNG certified AU 55 EPQ for 70.00 on EBay right now.
  18. I insure for what the NGC or PCGS Price Guide says; for ANACS, IGC what I paid for plus a bit. I have some great Postal workers who informed me don't expect what you are claiming. Take a good guess so you may get most of what you paid back.
  19. I ship to NGC & PCGS in US Postal Service 'Priority Mail' boxes. They are easy to work with and I can fit a small amount of coins in those little coin mailer cardboards. I then use glass reinforced tape to secure the box. Hope this tidbit helps.