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  1. Not sure how to do that. I can take a picture of one of the coins with my cell phone but getting it to you might present a challenge. I can download it to my home lap top and then see if I can post it somewhere here. I'm a novice on this type of website so there you go.
  2. The CSOA card just says Gold Electroplate Certification. And each card for each coin has the individual serial number, a description and the Plating Metal which indicates they are 24 KT. gold.
  3. I have eight Gold Electroplate Certified Kennedy Half Dollars beginning with Serial # 75711 through #75718. I am interested in determining value as I would like to sell them. They were purchased by my father, A.M. Jennings some time ago. They are part of our parent's estate, but none of us are interested in coin collecting or keeping these items.