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  1. Gold Coin Identification Issue

    Hey! Thanks for the new insight. As of today I've had no luck. The worst part is...at one time I new it and wrote down the information so I wouldn't forget, but I lost that.
  2. Obtaining Photo Vision Emails

    Matt, Thank you for the rapid response and help! It is truly appreciated! If it helps; the two invoices were Submission #'s: 4165548 and 4165568. Thank you again! Robert
  3. Obtaining Photo Vision Emails

    Hello All! For the life of me, I cannot recover emails that were deleted in my inbox. Two of these emails were from NGC (back in 2014) and contained my PDF files for my Photo Visions on 15 ancient coins. Is there a way to obtain these emails or products from NGC again? Thanks for all the help! Robert
  4. Gold Coin Identification Issue

    TerryZman, Thank you for the insight and direction! I'll give the site a check and posting. The worn characters was something I was worried about...but hopefully there is enough for someone to know something. Thanks again!
  5. Upgrading Membership to Elite - Credit Question

    Thank you for the help and insight Matt! I just upgraded.
  6. Hello! I have a quick question regarding my membership that I was unable to find an answer to online. Currently, I hold a Platinum Membership and want to switch to the Elite Membership. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I have not used my $150 credit from my Platinum Membership. My Question: If I upgrade to the Elite Membership from the Platinum, will I lose my Platinum credit of $150 or will I keep it and add the $150 credit that comes with the Elite Membership; therefore giving me a total credit of $300? Thank you for the help!
  7. Gold Coin Identification Issue

    Thank you for the direction! I'll give that a focus.
  8. Hey Everyone! I usually enjoy the chase...the search and research portion of identifying and cataloging my coins; however, this is the only example in my collection that is giving me a hard time in the identification process. I believe it to be either from the Ottoman Empire or from India. I am leaning more towards the first rather than the latter. The coin was a gift when I first starting collecting long ago and I keep prolonging my research into it until recently. Can anyone lend a hand?