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  1. Gold Coin Identification Issue

    TerryZman, Thank you for the insight and direction! I'll give the site a check and posting. The worn characters was something I was worried about...but hopefully there is enough for someone to know something. Thanks again!
  2. Upgrading Membership to Elite - Credit Question

    Thank you for the help and insight Matt! I just upgraded.
  3. Hello! I have a quick question regarding my membership that I was unable to find an answer to online. Currently, I hold a Platinum Membership and want to switch to the Elite Membership. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I have not used my $150 credit from my Platinum Membership. My Question: If I upgrade to the Elite Membership from the Platinum, will I lose my Platinum credit of $150 or will I keep it and add the $150 credit that comes with the Elite Membership; therefore giving me a total credit of $300? Thank you for the help!
  4. Gold Coin Identification Issue

    Thank you for the direction! I'll give that a focus.
  5. Hey Everyone! I usually enjoy the chase...the search and research portion of identifying and cataloging my coins; however, this is the only example in my collection that is giving me a hard time in the identification process. I believe it to be either from the Ottoman Empire or from India. I am leaning more towards the first rather than the latter. The coin was a gift when I first starting collecting long ago and I keep prolonging my research into it until recently. Can anyone lend a hand?