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  1. Do You think this coin is authentic?
  2. Hi, I need opinions about the authenticity of this coin, it has 12,13 g and 20,5 mm Thanks.
  3. What do You think about this coin? It loks autentic? The weight and size is correct. Thanks.
  4. I am suspecting of this two specific point. The first on the edge looks to be a sinal of injection of metal in a molde. The second looks a leftover of metal.What do You think? It would be sinals of casting or not, only natural use?
  5. No, the slab is not from NGC. It is only a generic slab bought from ebay that I use to put some of my coins. I’am asking because I am thinking to send this coin to NGC, but I am um Brazil, and have serius doubt if it is authentic. It apears to be cast, not struck, but not certain of it.
  6. Hi for everyone, I ask for help about the authenticity of this ancient coins: Greece Euboian League Drachm Thanks!