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  1. Thanks for the helping. The Bolivian coin weight 19,77 g.
  2. Needs helping with this more two too. Thanks again. Diego.
  3. In Your opinion what is the grade of this two coins? Thanks for the helping. Diego.
  4. Hi! It is my first time here, if anyone can help I would be very grateful. I recently acquired a Half Dollar of 1854 with arrows and want to know some opinions of You about its authenticity. It has the correct size (30,6 mm) and weight (12,34 g, only 0,1 g under the oficial weight - 12,44 g), and it is non magnetic. I bought it like Genuine, don´t doubt of the intention of the seller, but whereas there are many fakes of this one, is that mine really Genuine? If yes, what is the grade? Thanks for the hepling! Diego.