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  1. No Star for You!!! I'm a little upset the quarter was not at least given a star. The obverse is PL.
  2. Nice '64 deep cameo @numisport! Also, thanks for your insight into these '64 PL's @coinman1794. The '64-D you posted is outstanding. I hope to receive at least a MS63 grade on coin with star; should be close. I also submitted a '64-D Type C reverse that is BU, so, naturally I'm excited with this particular submission.
  3. My typical user name here is @PocketArt- been so long that I've been here I forgot I had two accounts when I posted last night. Use one for submissions to NGC, and other for chat boards- guess I exposed my alt, hehe. I tried to find if you could delete but couldn't locate that function. Anyway, yes Jason I agree with you- probably just star. The reverse just isn't quite there, as much as I'd hope it would be; but still nice. @numisport, actually there isn't any die polish marks as would be typical for most PL Washington quarters from say like the '40's. The various marks on o
  4. I was very happy to purchase this Washington earlier this year at a B&M- sunk a whole $7 in purchase. At first; I thought this may have been a proof because the obverse was fully mirrored. The reverse is closer to a semi-pl. Beautiful coin IMO.