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  1. I actually had these photo’s of the 1910-S Lincoln Cent as well, which were taken at the same time as the other pictures. These 2 photo’s show the truncation of Lincolns shoulder where V.D.B. are in existence, but it seems like the forger tried to grind them away and placed other marks to distract. I circled the Designers initials at the truncation of Lincolns shoulder in black. I wasn’t sure if maybe what I am seeing are die scratches possibly. I am just really interested to hear other people’s opinions regarding what they think it is? I appreciate it.
  2. This mintmark looks added to me. I have attached 4 pictures showing that S appears to be added to coin to create ultra rare 1931-S. I drew black mark arrows in the pictures indicating the presence that this coin had a mintmark added to coin. The area around the mintmark is disturbed. You can also see tooling marks in forgers attempt to blend mintmark into field. Also there is a seam where added S and field come together. In addition the coloration and texture of the mintmark does not match the numeral digits in the date. Overall you can see that the S is just sitting on the coin and not part of the original coin. please let me know your thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the reply. There are so many fakes on the market
  4. To me this 1910-S Lincoln Cent looks like an altered date. It appears to be a 1950-S to me. Let me know your opinion? Thank You.
  5. Hi, I was just uploading pictures of all my NGC graded coins in my registry set. I was able to post all my photos, but they are rotated 90 degrees. How can this be fixed? I appreciate the help and thank you.
  6. Do you need to be a paid member of NGC to have coins reholdered?