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  1. Sorry, the Gov. Mint had some for sale, that private company not the mint, they pay heavy on advertising and they pop up on standard searches.
  2. 2021-W Silver Eagles, Proof Method of a T-1 from Congrats sets, etc..Red, White and Blue Eagle labels...not the first strike yet I think..
  3. Sorry, your last question I think that I was submitting Canadian coins recently and was selecting which ones for the Canada special holder red images I think..they have a list of countries that they can do that, as of a couple weeks ago..
  4. Documentation, sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, (like provenance from auction), if the French Planchet was 2.8g and the Latvia was 2.5g and both Metallurgically the same...then certain aspects could be matched to which mint produced. I was adding to my U.S. struck Foreign coin collection and I enjoyed the comparisons in my mind of which mistakes have happened and which ones we know of etc,..pretty cool stuff...could also be the Boys and Girls doing direct submission then returning them to the U.S. market, which might account for a few more Obscure coins from obscure countries slabbed. More POPULATIONS of graded coins of 1 only and/or 2,3...5,6 certified now/soon/then...etc..
  5. Very Nice Coins...I Love Franklin Halfs, Proofs first then MS...even varieties, I need to dig out some NGC Star* Franklins...they are nice and yours are too! Dime looks tough, higher grade one too....
  6. Nice!! Has that Subtle but Strong Look...Great Grey Highlights...Sometimes I like to look over every little area and this coin is Cool, Cool Slab, Oh Well for the Obv. spot it at least shows it's honest..
  7. I don't collect Carr artwork and I got the Liberty Dollar Token thing in 2005 or 06, it just lays in there.
  8. This is the only one I have, keep it with the tokens.
  9. Clara...Did I buy a Beautiful Color Toned Wash-Carver Comm, in North Carolina from you in 2015-2016...CAC Sticker, High Grade? Also, I spoke with Sam Gelberd at the ANA Colorado, (through E-mail), a few weeks ago...he was coordinating that Program, mails the materials and so forth out, I think the Fee was around $400 but I was in contact over Donations on another issue with someone else, he responds very quickly and painless.