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  1. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Looks like I'm going to be looking to buy some MS70 gold soon.

    I can relate to your a coin collector I wanted my Daughter's Birth Year to be Amazing and Special with regards to Numismatics...I have purchased a massive amount of errors and Die Varieties and snagged everything from the U.S. Mint I could...I've really put together one hell of a collection for her birth year and in a way kinda justified my purchases in this Endeavor...I'm in thousands upon thousands of Dollars with it and it literally has become one of my greatest achievements..just in Nebraska quarter varieties I'm 140 ish different ones now...just the Precious Metal Coins alone was insanity on the cost is a great, unselfish thing your doing...I commend you and Salute!!
  2. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Ah, now this is a pickle.

    I think it boils down to you want the higher registry points and a better looking coin? Or do you want a possible sweet set up for sale down the road...those old fatty's will show consistency in your collection and inspire someone to think about regrades or the history of them together? I personally would look down the road on this one...remember, there are alot of raw foreign coins not holdered with collectors retiring everyday...not saying your coin type isn't rare or anything, I would just think long term...or as stated above go for the Highest if you must...I understand your predicament... p.s. alot of people would love to be in your situation...
  3. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Proof VS Business Strike

    Thank you Just Bob...
  4. Numismatic, A.A.S.


    Interesting...always cool to hear about the history....thanks..
  5. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Proof VS Business Strike

    It very well could be...I understand your comment, I was just adding my thoughts in general....remember, as others here are welcome to add to and/or correct me...years ago NGC changed the amount of steps 6 to 5 vs. PCGS FS count...of full 6 steps...this is an area I must go back and check in my notebooks archival to be able to accurately advise you...that being do your steps look, what is the count...are any wavy looking...just taking it a bit deeper for conversation purposes...I'm sure someone remembers exactly how the step qualifications go...including across the street...peace
  6. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    1957 d penny ddo?

    Looks like a die chip, as stated above...I would think it depends on the location...just there or an amazing location...
  7. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Post your most recent acquisition: US

    I like that subdued luster look, as if it circulated a little while and was pulled into a collection many moons ago...
  8. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Post your most recent acquisition: World

    There are several Vatican coins and medals I like...the above one reverse is powerful....good job!!
  9. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Guy on ebay selling coins that don't even exist!

    Are they fakes or he just labeled wrong?
  10. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Kennedy Half Dollar Question

    Many are also being hoarded, the mint stopped business strikes for circulation that the banks could order in 2006, so from 2007 on up they had to have been purchased from the U.S. Mint for collectors...I've been told it was 2004 also, but I have found in rolls up to 2003 myself...eBay should have every example cheap...they are still produced in millions anyway...Just Bob is correct, one of my banks doesn't even carry them and doesn't want them, if you complain the manager has to say "if you roll them properly we will accept for a deposit but no cash withdrawing for 24 hours" as if it's the plague or a scam? Go figure...
  11. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Early Commemoratives For Life

    1946Hamm, that is an Impressive Armament of coins and I think that is very cool....lots of money there and it looks original in the special holders...very cool Friend...
  12. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Early Commemoratives For Life

    When you typed that there was no Coverage from Collectors, Dealer's or Press on the coin unlike other 1936 issues...was that because of the abuse of the program and who was involved in the programs from conception to committees to strikings and (Special and Regular), I read some Prominent Coin Dealers at the time were responsible for distribution or Something? Gutag? Family or something I can't remember which coins they were involved with, I know Stacks did a huge run up to an auction of some of the original ones several years ago but don't know which coins they were involved in..for what you posted though I was just wondering why it didn't get any coverage...probably cuz the Honest People were involved in its creation, selling and distribution..If you know please tell......
  13. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

  14. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    When did the Philadelphia Mint first identify itself on a coin?

    Ok, I was studying the coin and didn't read what you wrote, my Ebay purchase....Great Catch!!! "to the Victor goes the Spoils"...
  15. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    When did the Philadelphia Mint first identify itself on a coin?

    The following was copied and pasted from your NGC info, from link in your Post....5C 1917 ECUADOR STRUCK ON 2 1/2 CENTAVO PLANCHET (2.5g) KM-60.2/KM-61 wow! That is a very cool error to me, interesting and I never knew that existed...I will check my collection on that but I am pretty sure I do not hold that error....Learning as we go.....Take Care....P.S. you can see on the coin where something was wrong, definitely on the wrong planchet...How did you come across that, I'm just curious? Sometimes the story that goes along with it can be just as interesting, even if it was just a quick purchase or a Long drawn out and finally came across it situation?