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  1. Good group, similar to what alot if us want....can't go wrong with it...
  2. The 1970-D I once owned was really beautiful. Almost glossy like, I sold it to a guy who fell in greater may have been a star. Upper level but the reverse had typical fading on the letter like Ops...Can't remember about small 70 or large 70...could have a misplaced "D", I'll have to check. I have a hard picture in my storage. Another post I made without the pictures!!! I have been saying that enough...trip to Bank is Coming on some other stuff too!! Your coin Op got me thinking of how cool 70-D can be....thanks
  3. I like the darker gold look..nice coin, definitely a keeper....
  4. Looks like a lamination error...and a fold over lamination error...on bronze planchet....I mean copper...
  5. Sweet Die Clash....Wicked cool...Love those on larger coins....I used to find alot on Roosevelt dimes....of course, on a larger coin worth more I believe. Either more dramatic, the more valuable......
  6. And that's exactly why I treat this place as a privilege and remember my boundaries...very knowledgeable persons over here. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts on coins and get excited over reading your stuff and others...makes sense when I read and listen, take my slow turn.....peace
  7. I love die cracks, chips, breaks...we can always find them with a little patience....I've noticed the 2015 ones are scarcer....
  8. I find more drama over at PCGS and if you accidentally make a mistake on a coin fact, oh Boy...there are also many who are cold critics of the social happiness side of coins and the blessings of fun...I've heard people say they're world class premiere forum...depends on where your heart is and of course, which side of the table you sit at.....peace
  9. P.S. When the Govt. shutdown, people could not even make it 2 weeks. Most employees had to find another job. Now what's wrong with the Federal Reserve Banking (private) System in this country. They say no to minorities funding projects or Caucasian business investment but we're the top bidder for paintings that go in the St. Louis Fed bank at around $100,000 to $360,000 a pop...and that's what a defector whistle blew...what we don't know about Huh?
  10. It's crazy, the bankers interest on our National Debt is getting larger every Day. They hold our leaders by strings. Remember...."give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws". They steal our wealth from us...check this out...and this is controversial...during the depression and now certain people think FDR was Great? He allowed the bankers to steal Americans wealth. Took our Gold then raised the value. Allowed bankers to steal the rare dated coins and errors when we turned in the money. Then put the same poor people back to work for sloppy soup food or a dime/quarter a Day. Then placed regulations on their earning abilities all while we built the corporations dams, buildings, offices and things the crooks now call home? Yeah, he was great, depending on which side of the table you sit at. I am not anti-Government. I just feel like we are going to be headed for some tough times, look, everyone is in debt now. No savings, and when the Feds allowed the crooks in New York to handle Sovereign Retirement Martin Armstrong) you know how that's gonna end...I truly believe we are going to be using gold and silver in commerce some day...people are scared, even the dumb ones are trying to get gold and silver bullion...what day you Sir?....peace