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  1. Just as I thought.....never once hunted and viewed coins from's OK to research and Love and enjoy coins...I'm sure your an astute collector and an intelligent person, probably have an amazing collection, if you put your hat in the ring son just make sure you've walked down that particular road before....peace
  2. Facebook has been caught selling everyone's info....I dropped them myself awhile back...Little boy Liberal anti-gun owner but has a security detachment team packing Automatic weapons....just like his kind..... Good luck on the trip.....if I'm even here after this....
  3. I didn't know they did? I'm not one to judge the cultural foibles or their so called issues and could care less if you pick them apart. All I know is what I stated about the number of counterfeit coins from them. I also owe you no evidence of my statement. You definitely have never experienced this, have you even tried to buy coins from them? Really, tell the truth, don't just make a "noble" statement, really...what coins in the last 30 years until this Spring have you looked at from them and be honest....If you want to be a social justice warrior, do it at someone else's expense.
  4. Dave Regan in Southport.... I'm totally in...have a blast...with media these days I'm sure there's more on Facebook or an Auction house....Adam Partridge or Davenport, Scotty Bluffs?
  5. I stand corrected by you....I will watch my replies and remember we are here for Coin Talk apologies Sir. It's no excuse but from a lay over and 2 no shows, then a dealer I won't name backs out from a promise over the phone....on top of expenses with no return.......I might hit the Basil Hayden's tonight...
  6. Most counterfeit coins in that area are traced back to the Mormon's, whom for years told people that their great grandfather's had them saved..which, is a lie and a tool used to sell to others who are non mormon. I guess my "uncalled" for comment comes from experience and however disgusting it may is by far the truth. Figured you would of known that or are we not allowed in the new "Millennium" to disclose our truths....others who read this will now think I am bashing mormon's....when in fact I'm only assuring you that those types of counterfeits in that area, come from them.......YOU DON'T THINK THERE ARE MORMONS ON HIGH SPEED COMPUTERS BUYING COUNTERFEIT COINS FROM CHINA DO YOU?
  7. Careful....counterfeit coins run wild around there...especially the mormon country.....big dealer cast off's many customers dissapointed when they show me...I have experienced some tough deals out there... peace...
  8. Most of that year are in that condition, saved like 1900....
  9. Sorry for your experience, it might be different for dealers, I've never had any problems getting an explanation.... I stopped offering a refund to clients as the amount of collectors trying to flip and changing their minds got they thought I was Walmart and can just bring it back like their used too there... stopped that game long ago....
  10. I personally have found things they didn't mention...but you have to pay for that, many collectors don't care about a DDO/DDR...or varieties.... As far as mistakes....I guess... As far as Counterfeit and they slabbed it as never personally, they are pretty damn good at coin grading and Authenticity....sorry... You can also contact them if you have any concerns....not sure why people don't contact the source....they are more than willing to pun intended...