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  1. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    ngc vs pcgs

    Misnomer that all PCGS coins are worth more. NGC graded coins are just as much valuable, just as some ANACS graded coins can be also. In everything there are Cadillac's and Pintos....Do both get you there? Resale value maybe different but if you look at the coin and not the holder you will see what is determined to be valued more by the market...I prefer NGC coins, but had to purchase PCGS CAC stickered plastic to obtain somewhat of the coin not the holder and you will end up with NGC....just compare both companies coins they difference to me, I've seen sub par PCGS coins before....peace
  2. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Which Auction Houses???

    Great Collections....they are not draining the money from collectors on the buy and sell....Great People, the Big ones like Stacks, they thought they ruled the coin World...Stacks forgot about the true collectors and cater to the extremely wealthy....we'll, see what happens...even though I have an account and credit with them...they turned me off during Pouge auctions..spelling? Arrogance at other ones also...Ian at GC is down to Earth and treats everyone with respect. Any budget. Period.
  3. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    If you ordered Innovation coin ...Please read

    They were striking these way before they let anyone problems and damage. Not sure if it has alot of upside potential but collect what you like...invest how you prefer...could also be poor handling...
  4. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    LOOK 2002002002 p quarter

    Does it look like its special. What makes it different to you? Do you save that year, state and if so, why? What other coins do you own?
  5. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    New to collecting and want to start with WW2

    I collected U.S. African Notes we paid are troops with and then collected coins that the U.S. Struck for other Countries involved in WW2...Interesting area and you won't be let down, I learned so much. You can take this deeper down the rabbit hole with many little known facts pertaining to Numismatics of this era. Swiss Gold was one of the highlights of my endeavors here and wrong planchet errors, extremely high grade Aluminum Coins and Jewish Medals and Ghetto Money...Very interesting and deep. I also got involved with Nazi errors and made a trip overseas in Late 1990's...some of the most rewarding times in the Wonderful World of Coins for me.....peace
  6. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Your Opinion: 10 Dollar Indian 1911

    Looks like it is alright. Benefits of grading and encapsulated plastic are many...Safety so no damage to the coin, youth and friends can drop it accidentally and it will happen...grading companies solve alot of and other things can happen easily also coin... P.S. I know alot of U.S. Coins are starting to be encapsulated in Europe, I know many of the Foreign Coins remain Raw. Be sure to judge for yourself if it's worth getting graded or not, a coin that nice with Luster I probably would...eventually when the Cycle Nature of Humans on Earth comes around many years from now, people will want raw again for some unseen reason but we will all be gone when that time comes...Go with NGC, I respect their overall consistency in grading and coins.
  7. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Where to start with the ancient unknown?

    I get help from a great man in Texas...I send all my ancient stuff to him, I like certain ones but the gold ones are extremely expensive...I wish I could of spent more time learning about the ancient coins...I'm kinda ignorant on them and get scared like a fool to do much business with them...I'm pretty much no help on this and shouldn't of even posted here....
  8. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    1845 Seated Liberty 1945/45?

    You are very diligent and I enjoy reading your posts....very accurate and I value your opinions.....interesting, I used to own the MS-62 Stacks sold...before the overdate drama...I think the author changed it in the cherrypickers guide or correction then it was....2011 or something? Anyway, I noticed your comment on the /3..(over 3), I'm assuming you remember trying to educate people about that many years before 2011...take care...
  9. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Grading Period

    See my above post....yes, we just take what we see on the holder, hologram, etc...
  10. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Grading Period

    I was told the insiders with low dealer numbers can call and find out...not sure but a dealer in Arkansas was one of the first with NGC and I've personally seen him do this when we went together on alot of the coins Duckor passed on...he was also in the know and knew Steve's source for other than what I've experienced, CONDORS right, I mean that's how we do it.
  11. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Full set of lincolns value. (1909-2018)

    I use market parameters, (we combine known sales and average then I look at what the girls marked as out of change for eye appealing or grade) take this and ask why on this coin or set and then see what's out of its rightful place. Over the years I've noticed too many people enter in this hobby not understanding why and when to overpay for things. And our guided aren't always right. Only when your buying we use...but when I'm buying we use...? No wonder I started specializing and started dropping shows more years ago...some sets I look at I don't even want. No one else does either...cleaned out a ton of material in 2015...2006 it was easier to move at a higher price. Better condition set upwards of a grand...lower circulated not even $300. IMHO...
  12. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Anyone headed to Baltimore/Whitman at the end of the month?

    Review of Trade Dollars & Morgans before they go to dealers, he wants a third and forth opinion and believes since the good stuff is dry at shows this is what will make him more money. I encouraged him to go to Auction for obvious reasons and he agreed only if it's what myself and another dealer agree on with each coin. I've never worked with the other dealer before and only agreed to collector's terms for the $$$, he chose us from the F.U.N. show, the other dealer is more well known. He started buying in 2008 and thinks now is the time and I respect his decision so far...we will convince him hopefully which price level to sell at and which to go to auction. The other dealer is more advanced than I financially and has employees. We are both honored to do this..I am excited big time! I got paid half already too, I will be there no matter what. It makes sense what said collector is doing.. he's got 6 figures into it...Not to speak bad if all dealers but they are some below average ones who steal dishonesty and some self described Top Ones who do the same. Coins are a big boy/girl game and I've seen it only get more cut throat over the years. I think auctions leveled the playing field more... We definitely will be contacting Great Collections first. (I'm assuming)
  13. Numismatic, A.A.S.

    Grading 101

    Voodoo witchcraft with a twist of magic dust sprinkled by a fairy in the mystic realm of unicorns.......peace
  14. Numismatic, A.A.S.


    That is a Smart point...they think several million is low...even at a few hundred thousand they might think is a rarity....HOW WOULD THEY DISTRIBUTE THEM? Would we start reading about them popping up here and there in different states? If they scattered people about to release them that would get expensive and time consuming...not really feasible I guess...wonder which denomination?
  15. Numismatic, A.A.S.


    Very possible, definitely a "w" and I can see a San Fran issue also from the Proof history and popularity.