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  1. 1899-o Morgan NGC MS-62 VAM-10 Its on Ebay - Good Luck 1899-o Morgan NGC MS-62
  2. Everything you mentioned falls under "Items must be numismatic in nature." Its a pretty broad range
  3. The Original Question : You can but on the Marketplace forum. I am sure its the same with the comic boards. I apologize
  4. Recycled post from 3 years ago - Same user different name same coin pictures Duh Reported
  5. If it looks worse in person than in the pictures you can still return it. Ebay protects the buyer not the seller Contact seller first before doing the return processes because I think in this instance you would have to give him a "not a described" strike which is not good. He will most likely take the return to avoid this.
  6. hmm I dont think so I think that may be wrong also. Cannot tell by your pictures as they appear worn more than low relief, Close up picture of "STATES" would be helpful
  7. Unfortunately not being a recognized third party grader these will not be what you think they are. It is in my experience that NNC grades are 3 sometimes 4 grades too high Sorry
  8. Does this make you responsible for submittal of SALES on your own behalf in your state on a sale or does ebay still handle all sales tax transactions. and submit for you on ebay sales
  9. The seller changed his mind and probably had another offer . Since he had not agree to the your offered price and you did not agree to his counter price quickly enough both are negated as no one agreed to anything. You just "watching" the coin gives him the ability to send offers to multiple people. His limited time usage offer is his offer from using this watch list which he can send to multiple people and the first to grab gets the coin. The coin is locked and he cannot sell the coin to any other buyer until the coin is accepted to purchase from one these 'watched" people or time limit expires.
  10. That's is the reason for the registry is the "register" your certified coins. They will have certification numbers on the NGC or PCGS coin that you use to register the coin in it.
  11. On the OP's post and picture. The coin has reflective surfaces so you can not the picture at an angle you will shadow doubling. Show a picture straight down at the mint mark with your micro
  12. Sounds like a good deal but yeah I agree a little rough but that give it a nice character I like it
  13. Looks okay from this distance. What I think you are talking about is the silver is toning so it will be darker in color
  14. Also if it was MINT damage the coin most likely would not have been circulated as much. Yours has been used extensively until the damage happened
  15. Looks like post mint damage to me
  16. Honestly , there are many same type programs that mimc yours. Couple of things - I would suggest changing the FOUND column to Date Purchased and if those boxes on the right if not self populating from a database they are kind of useless in my mind ... Good Luck and hope you and your family well j
  17. Nothing special 38 million of them made One on Ebay right now for 3 bux
  18. It definitely is a Wounded Eagle but unfortunately the coin looks circulated and / or cleaned. Probably not worth grading IMHO It would probably be Variety PLUS On Submittal