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  1. Actually that's a really good point. Looks to be the era of PVC flips - bad for coins as we all know
  2. Yeah right … The toning on that piece is mouth watering … :-)
  3. First one if real ( Cannot tell from those pictures ) is supposed to be a 1903 G$1 LA Purchase, McKinley (Regular Strike) - Gold - Weight would be helpful to determine fake or not Second as it says on the label is a 1888 Liberty Nickel - Looks to be real and Nice UNC/MS condition 1888 Liberty Head Nickel - About 10mil made Depending on condition may be worth Grading and slabbing
  4. Me either :-) It is a 7 - that little triangle, the last to the left, is considered a tailfeather
  5. A true antique complete with varnish - :-) I think he may have been mocking himself on that statement - Its the way I took it. Making fun of himself for not researching the question before asking. I may be wrong
  6. Looks like to me it may be kicked out as environmental damage obverse - Rim damage is a little more than I like to see
  7. Large complete pictures of front and reverse of the coin would help identify and grade your coin - thanks for sharing The "E_R" issue is a die crack/break with displaced field … May have a VAM attribution but need to see the whole coin
  8. Took a big coin to unseat my 65 RED ...
  9. Did you cheat :-) I have it in hand now, Its all what it supposed to be 67RB CAM New Addition to my 1883 Proof Set … Click SET in my TAgLINE to see how this set is looking now
  10. 1883 Proof GUESS THE GRADE & thoughts on a CAMEO DESIG. Smudge Is on holder on reverse.
  11. Seeing as there were no coins minted in 194 TRIANGLE :-) Its 1944 d
  12. Year top of the hairline looks like a problem - Clearer pics on the front would be good. Reverse is a MS63
  13. Breathe … :-) Oh yeah plus its been cleaned nastily I rest
  14. James Toliver rare coins is known for doctored pictures and descriptions - Free 30 days returns so if you are attempting to grade it - send fast. Good Luck Original Listing
  15. 320 post and nothing of substance - dont waste your time