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  1. New one for me ... As usual for me , very picky on New Orleans mints I buy ....
  2. Owning both coins - I will agree with both NGC assessments. I own a 1886-o in the exact same grade. I thought the same thing that mine was definitely in the MS61. Looking closer I understand it SO dont fight it, find what they are seeing. Mine like yours has a LOT of chatter in the fields AND cheek. MOST MS specimens will have a fairly clean cheek hence I believe they went au route instead of the ms route. Where AU58 and MS61 are not that far apart with cheek and field chatter, I agree with mine and yours. As for the CC - I can see cleaning on both sides - Your details on the coin are similar to mine at a 63 but mine has a boat load more luster so it even not cleaned would not get that far maybe a 61 or rare 62 :-) .. As far as the 3rd coin - I see it as a 63 (barely) you are only more noticeable of the scrapes and chatter because of the PL surfaces. but no surface wear to speak of. Go ahead and send to PCGS but do it as a RAW coin … ( Yes there are inter-business issues on crossovers ) Good Luck and Welcome to the boards.
  3. Yep what he said and they have no Guaranty "whatsoever" as I previous posted
  4. Nothing - welcome to TravisHale World … Love him as my "brother" but his thought process is a little flighty Reminds me of myself a few years back before meds :-)
  5. You cannot have OCD and do both … sorry tried that :-) it doesn't work. You can do both but you need to decide what you want to collect and become very knowledgeable on the subject matter. You can sell anything as a business but when you collect personally you have to be real selective and buy what fits your budget. I use a certain percentage out of profits to go to personal use and the rest back into buying inventory for the biz and stick to it. That's about it for me ...next .. Welcome to the boards. One other thought - this should not have been put here in this forum but in one of the discussion ones You would get a few more responses there. j
  6. This guy does not own ANYTHING he posts - Stay far away
  7. This guy does not own ANYTHING he posts - Stay far away
  8. This guy does not own ANYTHING he posts - Stay far away
  9. Memories … hahah … Fretless bass in a ROCK band … Much more difficult :-) / Funny guy
  10. Yeah I agree what that assessment too. Looks like
  11. Phone cameras are actually good - I do not know how Travis does it ( Looks free hand ) but I take it OFF full automatic and do the adjustments my self LG that I use is one of the better MP ones though. Close ups do take a steady hand
  12. I would suggest the 2018 MS69 I see no difference between the two except design grade wise ( I do not have anything to do with sellers selling these whatsoever ) j