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  1. Pictured is the earlobe and a RAISED DOUBLE line that goes through the lobe into field below the ear This is a 1883-o Morgan Dollar IS this a VAM I have not heard of before If it is, is there something else I should look for on the coin? Does not appear to be any other significant anomalies Appreciate your help with identifying this if it is one ..
  2. jgrinz

    1883 Racketeer Nickel

    Does NGC slab racketeer 1883 "V" Nickels - For Genuine coin but "coated" or "Altered" or something like that Kind Regards Mike
  3. jgrinz

    NGC / NCS Status

    Most excellent - thank you
  4. jgrinz

    NGC / NCS Status

    Lisa That email was sent 4 weeks ago to me on 1/11 concerning the 1879-s I gave authorization for it to be done on 1/11 My credit card was already charged for the service 3 weeks ago. Please find out if shipping the whole lot back is still on schedule for early next week Thank You Mike
  5. jgrinz

    NGC / NCS Status

    Good Morning - I am just checking on how your time frame works in completing an order. I was informed that 1 coin would be advantageous for conservation which I approved. Is this going to hold up my whole 20 coin order as the whole order has been held in quality control for 3 weeks-ish Order 4718857 Thank you Mike
  6. jgrinz

    1883 liberty nickel

    AS a little helper for you - PICTURES :-)
  7. A couple of upgrades to my 1883 Proof Cameo Set
  8. Pic posted thanks for the over site on my part :-)
  9. Good Luck and Have a nice day https://www.ebay.com/itm/362505436709
  10. Thats ..Thats funny right there yup it is ... Thanks Bob its been a while ... Funny to see the new lot of newbies :-) after all this while. Good to see the 'ol' folk are still hanging around too
  11. huh … Looks like there are three missing … hmmm wonder what happened to those :? I must get that done thanks
  12. Yeah I would say 20 out of 104 coins in my Morgan Dollars, 1878-1921, Circulation Issue are PCGS https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetListing.aspx?PeopleSetID=17296&Ranking=all All of my 1883 Proof Set are all NGC Thanks for asking
  13. Strange that some of you's guys pictures are not showing up. That said I have been gone so long I did not know I could not put PCGS coins in my Morgan registry anymore. I understand but come on Its the last coin in my registry set … uhuh that one … 1893-s … Have a look and enjoy