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  1. Need to speak to the Chairman or President I am sure they should be able to make you whole in some manner https://www.ngccoin.hk/about/ngc-graders/ I am always leery of the transportation between departments NCS and NGC unfortunate that it happened. My feeling is you can escalate the issue yourself without paying some more out of pocket money for lawyers. Good Luck J
  2. Can be aggravating at times. Especially in my instance when I had the brilliant idea of attributing my whole Morgan collection, 106 coins. There are still those buggers that you cant figure out and the guys over the VAMWORLD way are real good at helping out. I still use my phone for the full pictures and my microscope for the close ones. Phone Pics on full manual - Takes a little time but the better the pics the better someone can help you. Good Luck
  3. Your not seeing the important picture I think. Very bottom of the 7A page it will have a full size version of a 7A coin - both sides ... It has ALL the similar cracks on it ...
  4. This looks like the gouge but obviously just going by your pics. The little leg off the bottom left of the "1" is also present Crack between the 2 "8"'s is also there
  5. 7A is a good bet - Cheek gouge and crack are some of the obvious looks along with the tilted CC. This looks a little later die state cause of the EXTRA character ( Cracks :-) ) Though it states a rarity of 6 - they are pretty common so I would not expect too much of a premium. The toning gives it some nice character and depending on its look in hand will possible increase grade not detract from it. good luck
  6. Let us know how it grades out for you. Nice collection of coins j
  7. Needs to have the dash and number and grade properly input. Worked for me too - Nice Coinage :-)
  8. NGC would not remove it from the holder unless told to do so. This is what is usually done with them if I am not mistaken
  9. If have seen worse in a 63 holder. I am in the 63 camp ( Where's the marshmallows :-) )
  10. When I collected moderns I had had all good experiences with MCM Welcome aboard Ash
  11. Should I submit a coin as a Coin review ? Its a 1880-cc and should have been labeled a 1880/79 -CC IF I wanted a VAM-4 put on the label then I would need to pay the variety service - Is this Correct Regards Mike
  12. No Problem more of a joke - and I dont deal with those pack of thieves Thanks though