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  1. Peace I have no clue but the Morgan I can see a MS62 even with all the cheeky action. My eye keeps on moving to the date though - it just doesn't seem right … Long day at work maybe :-) Good Luck on your submission
  2. We cannot help with out pictures ... NGC is not the final word. There are some very knowledgeable people out here that may be able to help.
  3. I agree too its real also has die clashes under all that color Toning not to sure about though looks artificially toned to me. Has a bunch of rim hits VF30 if able to be graded which I think it will not.
  4. I can help but I usually wait till I get on my pc. I really hate phones. It looks AT to me but as for genuineness I will reserve till I get home. Sorry for the delay in help ...it happens
  5. I think this issue is supposed to be 999 pieces ... Good Luck with it
  6. Palau tend to issue low mintage volume unique LOOKING coins. You will probably find that there are only 15-1800 of those made ( Guess ) I bought 2 skull ones a few months ago - May not make money on a resale in a few years but cool to look at. Did yours come with box and documentation ... also always a good thing.
  7. Mine was close up and more detailed - It must have been a Double Die DO DO - The Raspberry toning is impressive :-) I just couldn't - Well maybe I can
  8. After discussion with Bob and his discussion with the owner - It looks to be real as he says all die markers are in place. What makes these coins easier than most is that the coin 1893-s only had three dies - One obverse and 2 reverses. They have distinctive areas of review. There are a couple areas of concern for me now though which just dont hit right for me after really looking and thinking I may have been wrong. The field above UNUM there should be no pitting even with a worn coin … looks a little bumpy there (possible environment issues) and the second "U" in pluribus looks real odd. It may be just the hit it took displacing metal but has me concerned. Without actual in hand or better pictures its a toss up but I am still on the 'real' boat as I do own one to compare to. If the OP could post a few more pictures straight on to the coin we could help determine better. at "Liberty" straight down at the date and Mint mark on the reverse.
  9. "Deleted" Only for the light of heart I cannot believe you guys mad me do it … I am discusting myself :-) I couldn't ...deleted hehehe
  10. ohhh myy gawwwd what you guys did this mans thread as absolutely …………...ammmaaazzziiinnnggg ….. More please :-)
  11. You see something I dont see Bob One die marker the picture isn't close enough to see - Field looks a little funny around UNUM but I gave it a G6 look reasoning Numbering looks okay with these pictures PM me when you get a chance your thoughts
  12. Got the scale If he has a water bath that will tare on his scale and still weigh out he can do it himself to answer sp question Coin weight in grams divided by coin weight bathed in water (Coin Suspended in water and not touch sides or bottom of vessel ) = SP of coin Look forward to results
  13. Looks real to me with those pictures and that's a G-6 Does have some harsh cleaning on the reverse but nice coin