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  1. As long as you dont have OCD the lighthouse work well (Lighthouse bought Intercept) Small Anacs are a problem in any storage box but the newer larger holders will go in these also The LARGE box has no spacers so the coins just lay together The 20 coin smaller box they have separator
  2. Its been a long time guys hope all are doing well during this mess that is da corona .. I have been in and out cause of health issues with the wife and I but during this mess we are actually doing pretty well. Wish you all a good new year and stay well Mike https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/17289/
  3. Back to the OP topic Every 99c I did I lost money so I do not do it ( Business sense :-) ) I go on margin and you cannot lose ( of course YOUR margin plus 10% for ebay and 3.3 percent for Paypal) Then there are those you just start at melt and see where it goes as long as you purchased right :-)
  4. For more information @RJoe research the 1954-SJ cent In July an SJ sold for $8.50 on Ebay
  5. That's a moustachio'd lady :-) Yes its a break … Not sure whats going on with the neck / that may stop it from grading but a c00l coin anyway
  6. The first coloring of the 55-c looked cast - the newer picture however I am not seeing anything that out right says its fake. A lot of wear and environmental damage and graffiti but Charlottes do not come across too often. Send that in. Details coin do pretty well in the open market. This coin if were to sell would do fine in a details grade NGC/PCGS holder. Could you post actual size and weight of the 55-c
  7. Are those toning at all in the dansco ?? Curious @James_OldeTowne
  8. It is unethical because in effect does affect the status of the set in its registry and its ranking. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. ( say that three times fast )
  9. .. and creating some distance between #2 and ME :-)No ... its more like making the set to have "The Look" I want. Moving to PF67's slow but sureEnjoy
  10. Late to the party but relatively easy :-) I think I even have one I like the nails :0