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  1. Heven't ate at McD's in years (90s when our kids were young) - but I was definitely wanting to get my hands on a full set of these coins without getting gouged on eBay, so I called my local store yesterday (Aug. 3d) and they said they still had a few left - Each store was allotted a box of 225 coins and when they were gone, that was it. So my wife and I went in right at 10:30 and asked if I bought 5 Big Macs, could I pick the 5 coins so I could be sure to get one of each design. Enter 'confusion' by the staff. Finally, in this young lady's frustration, she went to the back and came back out with a handful of 20 or so coins. She said 'this is it - this is all we have left" and put on the counter. I was able to pick through and found the 5 coins with the last one of the series, the 2010s - there being only one left of those. Then I was told I could only get these on 5 separate visits! I laughed and asked, "Why are you going to make me walk outside - then back in - buy one - leave - repeat X5? I mean if I have to play the stupid game I will - then she goes "FINE! But you still have to do this in 5 separate transactions." I agreed. No big deal. And thankfully, this was at 10:30, so there was no line of people getting upset behind us! Long story long, I got my full set of coins and 5 sequential numbered receipts to boot! When we got our Big Macs, my wife and I kept one and gave the other three to some guys that got in line behind us! All in all, I'm glad I went to the trouble for these. It's not everyday a company does something like this and I'm happy to have the full set without needing to 'play by the rules' as that would make it real hard for anyone else to get a full set and buying them on ebay was not an option. BONUS: I asked if I could have the box the coins came in and the crew flier and I got them too!
  2. This fella in China will sell you counterfeit U.S. and world coins all day long - and none have "COPY" as per the law here in the U.S. requires. Not only does he offer every key date that people would want - he makes them to artificially appear worn for extremely rare key dates to make them more 'palpable' for I'm guessing unscrupulous sellers. These coins don't pass muster under a loop. They appear cast. I know. I bought one for the helluvit ($2.00). I donated it to a coin club for their counterfeit display education program. Final note: He also offers what he claims are 90% silver/ 10% copper with exact diameter and correct # of reeds on edge of coins for $200 each. A small price for a correct diameter, weight and content coin that could even be more damaging if someone were to pay $1000's. Check out his U.S. Dollars HERE.
  3. I can certainly appreciate what you're saying. I will take it to heart! Question: Would you also consider my clocks 'exonumia?'
  4. His remark of my 'drilling holes' in coins - was the reason for my reply. Reminds me of when I sold my clocks on ebay many years ago. I was amazed at the amount of ridiculousness of people sincerely asking me why I would hole such rare coins. #1. If they were real - my clocks would be REALLY SMALL and #2. What about being a print don't people understand? Is that an attempt at humor? It's a 'joke' I've heard only 1000 times. So to repeat - for someone to ask me that, I would say back 'who's the newbie?' And thanks for your suggestion but I'm not selling. I'm showing. If people contact me and have questions - I'll go into sales mode. This is a U.S. Coins forum. My products are of U.S. Coins. So, can't we all just get along? Why the discord? I'm just trying to be friendly here and show you folks these you wouldn't ever see otherwise. What's wrong with that?
  5. I've been creating these by request and response has been really good! These are 16.25" X 14.25" X .5". These are giclee prints, using only archival ink on a hand-routed and painted 1/2" MDF (medium density fiberboard) for the medium - then they are coated with two coats of clear, textured embellishing gel that seal the art to the medium and I guarantee these for LIFE against fading, peeling, etc. (not against dropping/throwing or other stupidity). I make these by request as long as you provide the hi-resolution images. Send me a note either here or email Be happy to work up a custom request for you! Ideal for office, store or home!
  6. Just a pic of Jeff Garrett, from Mid America Rare Coin Gallery with his new Charlie Duke signed 1972S Ike (Rev) custom NGC Slab CoinClock™ All my NGC slab clocks are personally Miles Standish Approved and come with a live-signed custom label on the back to show authorization and authenticity!
  7. I made this cool 18" X 12.8" X .5" custom MDF CoinClock™ for Mr. Edmund Moy, retired 38th Director of the U.S. Mint, by custom order request by Michael "Miles" Standish, VP of NGC, personally. More can be seen on my website:
  8. I wanted to announce my "Coins & Certificates" series. There's more info I need not repeat here that's on my website if you would care to know more. ~Thanks Just for fun, these are my 1st two pieces.
  9. I have created a new series of custom coin designs for my Chinese New Year "Year of the Dog" series. Notice the motto. So true. Anyway, if anyone would like a custom of their dog made - I will even personalize for you for no extra charge. email me if interested. If not - don't sweat it. No need for nonsense replies or comments. Hope all are having a nice day!
  10. I was just commissioned to make a custom clock for Monaco Rare Coins of their 1787 Brasher Doubloon. This is a private-minted issue and arguably the most expensive U.S. Gold Coin ever made...and the earliest of U.S. Gold, by Ephraim Brasher. A true Patriot and personal friend of George Washington. Besides being the designer and engraver of this historic coin that shows several design elements that were carried forward when coins began to be minted by the Federal Government (eagle with shield and UNUM - E - PLURIBUS (later changed to E - PLURIBUS - UNUM) - Brasher was also a master silversmith with many of the vintage silverware he designed carried his "EB" counterstamp. Some of which were gifted to Martha Washington and later, some of that silver was actually used to produce some of the 1st U.S. Silver Coinage. I love numismatic history and it was a privilege to receive the commission to design this 1 of 1 custom CoinClock for Monaco! :-) Happy New Year to all!
  11. I hear ya on that - such was my point. The slab WAS damaged - clearly. The 'crack' along the seam was irregular with small pieces missing and you could clearly see it had been glued.
  12. Let's not rule out the possibility also that it could have been cracked out and another proof put in it's place. I once bought a '72 DDO Lincoln in an NGC slab on eBay - and after I examined it closely, I couldn't see it was a DDO and then I noticed the seam along the side of the slab. Such an obvious (and poorly done) glue-job after someone took the original coin! I called out the seller on it and I was refunded my money and told to just keep the coin, lol.