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  1. You're not missing anything. I thought the same thing when I bought it. That cheek is CLEAN for a 64.
  2. Here are a few others I have in my collection: 1892 NGC MS64 CAC 1894 NGC MS64 (never been to CAC) 1897 PCGS MS65 (never been to CAC) 1899 NGC MS64 Gold CAC 1903-S PCGS MS64 CAC 1904 PCGS MS63 (never been to CAC) 1905-S PCGS MS64 (never been to CAC) And here's a better shot of my 1896-S showing a more accurate representation of the color
  3. Actually, Heritage's photos are pretty accurate (the slab photos I mean). The toning is electrically vivid and the luster underneath it is flashy... makes for one of the most spectacular looking coins I've ever owned. It is without question the centerpiece of my entire coin collection. Is it part of a Barber set? Sort of. I've been slowly pecking away for about 18 months. I'm not even a quarter of the way to completion. I'll probably never finish it up to my standards given my budget, but it's a fun way to pass my hobby time.
  4. Thank you! And yes, I bought the coin from Heritage. This was, by far, the most I've ever paid for a single coin. But I've been squirreling away money a little at a time for over a decade for just this kind of purchase. This is NOT my typical purchase level... not even close!