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  1. The coin is clearly not uncirculated. I suggest returning it immediately for a refund. And don't let the seller talk you in to keeping it or trading it against another coin. Additionally, if you think it is uncirculated, I suggest learning how to grade better before spending your money on other coins.
  2. Proof coins do not lend themselves to meaningful grade guesses based upon their images. But it does look Cameo.
  3. If you really care about it, why don’t you call NGC?
  4. The texture of the surfaces and the details. If you look at enough clear on-line images of genuine examples, you will see obvious differences.
  5. Lee, you mentioned a Maine, but I don't see a picture of one in your post. Did you mean to say Alabama, instead?
  6. It looks it to me and obviously, it did to NGC and CAC. If you show a toned coin to enough people, someone will probably question it. And if you show a color-free one to enough people, someone will probably question it, too.😉
  7. I don't see any die clashing on the half - just a badly scratched coin. The nickel looks like pocket change.
  8. I found this in a different article about another of the Specimen 1878-S dollars: "... . Mr. Burt was a local businessman and former official of the Bank of California. He lived and worked a few blocks from the Mint.....The engraved presentation piece to Burt was listed as Proof 63 in Lot 2254 in the April 6 to 8, 1997, sale of the Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Collection. ."
  9. He mentioned “regrade service” and “regrade”, so unless he used the wrong terminology, the coins are NGC coins. i don’t, however, understand the point of the post, prior to posting results and with no mention or pictures of the coins.
  10. I hope you have a return privilege. Based on having viewed my fair share of Trade Dollars, I believe chances are quite good that the image has been enhanced and/or that the coin has been polished.