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  1. In addition to the CC mintmarks, which aren't on genuine coins of those dates, legitimate pre-1866 examples don't bear the motto (IN GOD WE TRUST) on the reverse.
  2. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    Yours does not have what I would describe as a "metallic gold finish". But in answer to your question, neither all business strikes nor all Proofs have such a finish. The color can be different, due to a number of factors. And in the case of business strikes that circulate, the "finish" can vary considerably, based upon the degree of wear.
  3. What is a Fresh Coin?

    A "fresh" coin is a matter of perspective. A coin might appear "fresh" to one person and at the same time, seem quite stale to another. A coin can make frequent rounds at shows and/or in auctions over a relatively short period of time. But for someone who doesn't get out much, it can appear to have surfaced only recently.
  4. Pet Peeve 2018

    You're suggesting that he engage in the very type of behavior with which he has stated he has a "pet peeve".
  5. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    How can machine doubling, which is part of the minting process, be considered "a form of post-muntage damage"?
  6. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    Welcome to the forum. Your 1909-VDB cent is a business strike, produced for commerce, not a specially made Matte Proof example, struck for collectors. As such, it is worth approximately $5.
  7. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    Your Roosevelt dime does not look like a doubled die to me.
  8. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    I think the odds of success via the first two steps are extremely low and would try PCGS before either of them.
  9. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    You quoted me (Mark Feld), not Woodenjefferson. My my guess was apparently, incorrect, and as I suggested previously, I would call NGC and ask them.
  10. 1901S Barber 25c - Altered Surface?

    I would call NGC, provide the invoice number and ask them. In the meantime, my guess is that perhaps a box was inadvertently checked on the submission invoice, requesting that the coin not be encapsulated unless it received a straight/problem-feee grade.
  11. What's your thoughts on this 37 buffalo

    I'm not convinced that it's a genuine coin, much less a tooled one.
  12. 1887 dollar coin.

    The thread title says "1887", but the coin is an 1878.
  13. 1887 dollar coin.

    I'm not sure what coins you saw with asking prices of $250, but they were either different dates and/or varieties, and/or in better condition or simply priced much too high. The grading of yours would cost more than the coin is worth. Please wait and obtain additional opinions before you spend your money to have it graded.
  14. PF68 Cameo??? Update last post

    Bobby, my guess is that the coin looks very different in hand - at least as most angles. And yes, many coins with toning or relatively light haze receive such grades.
  15. PF68 Cameo??? Update last post

    It's quite possible that if the coin were to be tilted and rotated under a light, you might easily be able to see through the haze and the coin might even look attractive. Don't judge a coin - especially a toned one - based on head-on images.