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  1. I posted on this subject previously, long ago, but feel that it bears repeating… There can be many different reasons why someone doesn’t like a coin – marks in the wrong place, toning that doesn’t please the eye, strike issues, luster issues, etc. However, over a period of many years, I have noticed that many collectors and dealers confuse not liking a coin with feeling that it’s over-graded. The two are far from necessarily one and the same. Prior to becoming a grader, when looking at coins to purchase, if I didn’t like them, I simply skipped to the next one and had no need to assign a grade or even articulate why I didn’t like them. However, when I was a grader, one of the most difficult tasks I faced was placing a fair/accurate grade on coins that I didn’t like. After all, I couldn’t just place them back in the box and skip to the next one, without providing a grading opinion. Next time you see a graded coin that you don’t like, if you feel up to it, ask yourself why you don’t like it and consider that regardless of the reason, it might not be over-graded. It's perfectly OK to not like an accurately graded coin.
  2. MarkFeld

    Strange looking 1909-S VDB

    I don’t think it’s AU, either and it looks to be harshly cleaned.
  3. MarkFeld

    Peace Dollar Price Collapse

    A great many coins are selling for fractions of the prices seen during the 1989-1990 market peak.
  4. MarkFeld

    Not a good time to sell gold

    $500 for the $10’s certainly would be a great deal. However, the poster wrote $500 hammer, which would equate to $600 being paid by the winning bidder(s).
  5. MarkFeld

    Not a good time to sell gold

    The melt price - whatever it is at the time - is simply the melt price and is perfectly valid. It doesn’t say anything about gold spot being down (or up).
  6. I believe he owns the Dexter/Pogue example.
  7. MarkFeld

    Cull Morgan Silver Dollars

    Morgan Dollars typically trade for for than melt, even when they are in lousy condition.
  8. MarkFeld

    Cow Bay Bob

    The coin looks like a low end AU example, to me.
  9. If you read his words, it should be obvious that either he’s not yelling or that he’s yelling out of excitement. Either way, what’s the harm?
  10. Look at that seller’s alleged Cheerios dollar and 1964 SMS cent, too. He appears to have a habit of offering coins as something that they are not.
  11. MarkFeld

    Wholesale Morgans

    At any given time, there are typically huge quantities of Morgan Dollars on the market, regardless of the price of “silver.”
  12. MarkFeld

    Should I break open my Proof Sets?

    According to their published standards, perfection is not required by the major grading companies for a grade of 70.
  13. MarkFeld

    Not a good time to sell gold

    I’m not placing blame, anywhere, and certainly not with the seller. Despite what you said, it’s generally considered a bad idea to sell when you “need” to.
  14. MarkFeld

    When will NGC.......

    I believe that if NGC thought there were a large enough market for crossovers from other holders, they would already be offering the service.