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  1. There are more than plenty non-Chinese copies to go around.
  2. MarkFeld

    1776 Continental Dollar

  3. MarkFeld

    Help with Sacagawea?

    Sorry to hear that.
  4. MarkFeld

    1943 penny

    Have you weighed it? Have you checked to see if it sticks to a magnet? Have you done anything to try to determine its composition and whether it’s genuine?
  5. MarkFeld

    Help with Sacagawea?

    Information and photos are easy to locate with a web search.
  6. I asked a world coin expert and he told me it's a with dot.
  7. I don't know the answer to your question. But I believe you would have had a far better chance of obtaining the answer if you thread title had been much more specific, such as "1950 Tibetan 10 Srang (Y-30) - with or without dot?". The title "Can anyone confirm" didn't provide any information regarding the subject matter.
  8. MarkFeld

    1958Ddo can any one confirm

    That is clearly not the DDO. See the words LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST here:
  9. In the future, if you’re looking for help with coins, it would be better to show images of both sides. In this thread, you didn’t do that and you initially misidentified the coin as a 1915 instead of a 1915-D. In many cases, the date and/or mint mark can make a big difference.
  10. MarkFeld

    1964 through 1967 SMS put together

    The 1964 half dollar looks circulated/worn to me.
  11. MarkFeld

    1964 through 1967 SMS put together

    Hopefully, you already know that your 1964 set is not an SMS set.
  12. Different people will have different answers. Even though it's a better date, I probably wouldn't get it graded unless I thought it would grade F-12 or better. And it looks only G6 with a shot at VG8 to me.
  13. MarkFeld

    Proof 64

    Welcome to the forum. The coin does not appear to be a Proof.
  14. I think you have an ordinary business strike.
  15. In general, I agree about guesstimates - at least for many coins, other than Proofs. However, the coin in question (and/or the image) is bright and it's impossible to get a good look at the surfaces. It appears to be at least AU, but for all I know, it's hairlined and/or has been cleaned, but that's not apparent in the pictures. Best of luck and please let us know the result.