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  1. Many coins are not worth the cost of grading. Without knowing specifically, what coins you're talking about, we can't know whether your advice about getting them graded is sound.
  2. The pictures aren't responsible for making letters bleed into the rim or for other areas of striking weakness. Additionally, I have never see a Matte Proof Buffalo of any date that displayed die deterioration and die cracks like that which you see on your coin. Nor would I expect to, as the coins were struck in small quantities. Hopefully, others will provide their opinions, too.
  3. The auction coin you linked is much sharper, overall and has rims that are markedly different from your coin. Among other indicators, some of the letters in LIBERTY bleed into the rim on yours - you shouldn't see that on a Proof. Some business strikes are well enough made, such that they somewhat resemble Proofs, but I don't see yours as one of them.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Based on the picture, you coin looks like a business strike to me.
  5. I don’t think it’s and error and I do think it’s OK to spend it.
  6. Welcome to the forum. If that is a 1982-D, it looks like a large date, based on how close the last digit in the date.
  7. Welcome to the forum. It is a copy, with surface texture and details that don't look like genuine ones. Once or if you have seen a good number of genuine and counterfeit examples, you will probably be able to tell the difference.
  8. Welcome to the forum. You might receive more help if you make your thread title more specific - something like “Please help me identify this coin” Best of luck.
  9. Better/sharper images would help, but based on what I see, I think the 1885-O $1 is genuine.
  10. It looks as if there is damage in one or more areas and possibly a growth, but not a mint-made error.
  11. There is a consistent and rather predictable pattern to the post subjects and discussions with that poster. I’m sure you’re aware of it and that’s why I have stopped addressing the questions and claims. Carry on.😉
  12. I think that the grading and postage fees for the quarter would exceed its value, so would not submit it for grading. Have you weighed the 1982-D cent to determine whether it’s a copper example?
  13. I agree about the coin. However, if someone wants to believe something badly enough, there is no stopping them. Now that I’ve given my opinion, I will end my participation in this thread, rather than beating my head against the wall.😉