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  1. I believe that RWB has stated that which you attributed to me, above.
  2. This one:
  3. I think that's unlikely. As I've heard that one collector owns at least a few of them, has had them for a long time and doesn't seem inclined to sell.
  4. There aren't nearly enough 1907 Ultra High Reliefs and they don't trade frequently enough for there to be a "run on them".
  5. It looks genuine and cleaned to me, as well.
  6. I don’t know how anyone could tell from that image. And I seriously doubt that the marks on the knee occurred after the coin was previously sold in 2002.
  7. It doesn’t look cleaned to me and I haven’t read any comments from anyone else that suggested cleaning. Yes, you’ve repeatedly made it clear that you don’t think CAC knows Saints as well as you do. How’s that campaign going?
  8. I haven’t seen any such consensus. And while it’s the only example that can be legally owned, please don’t say it’s the “sole 1933 Saint”. Others exist and were graded by NGC, years ago. If the coin received favorable grading treatment, do you really think a grading company would confirm that?
  9. That’s an excellent article, which makes a logical, easy to understand and compelling case that all of the 1933 Saints should be legal to own.
  10. The auction coin that you linked was a superb mint state piece, whereas yours has been circulated. Based on what AU58 and low grade mint state examples have brought, even if genuine, yours is likely worth less than $150.
  11. I don't think they use glue. Not all holders that have been tampered with show "all kinds of damage on them".
  12. I don’t keep statistics but I’d guess roughly 70% of the ones I report.
  13. You CAN report an item you haven't bought - you just can't leave feedback about the seller. I frequently report counterfeits and scams.
  14. That might be better quality than he seeks or is familiar with.