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  1. I like them in order of coin #2, coin #3 and coin #1. Perhaps the first two might have a shot at MS62 but I wouldn't count on it. And since I'm grading from images, please don't give my opinions too much weight.
  2. At the price you're paying, I think you're OK as long as the coins grade MS61 or better. However, they are extremely common and readily available, so there should just about always be plenty to choose from.
  3. Why don’t you name just three of those “many other options” for attributing the coin? I think I see where this is going. By not submitting the coin to a highly regarded grading company, you can continue to live your fantasy. Enjoy.
  4. I was giving you honest feedback that I hoped might be helpful. I’m sorry if you considered my comments to be “snide”.
  5. Those pictures only serve to show that the coins were NOT purchased through the Treasury. It appears that you don't have a good grasp of either the grading of the gold coins or the specifics of how the various coins were obtained. Regardless, best of luck with your submission.
  6. The supposed counterfeit was said to be a 1926, not a 1909. Before posting what I did previously, I loooked up and found sales of MS63 1926’s for less than the $849 figure you used. In addition to that, if you’re looking to determine values for coins, typically (though not always), records for sold items are far more relevant than asking prices for unsold ones.
  7. You can buy an MS 63 for less than the AU58 price you quoted. $600 for a counterfeit made of gold would be a far better value than an AU58 for $849.
  8. Based on those credentials, surely he’s an expert on branch mint Proof coins. Let the rest of us begin our meal of crow!😄
  9. The Doctorate isn’t supposedly merely in Proof Morgans, but rather, in Proof New Orleans Morgans. 😉 To call me skeptical of that claim would be a gross understatement.
  10. Lee, that Alabama is one of the more attractive ones I’ve seen of any grade.
  11. Peter, it looks AU58 at a minimum, probably unc.
  12. The pictures aren’t sharp and I can’t tell what’s on the coin and what’s on the holder. Can you remove it and provide additional images?
  13. Based on the images and regardless of the assigned grade, I can’t see the coin grading lower than MS64. And a PL designation wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t actually see PL surfaces. However, the contrast between the fields and devices and the fact that PL surfaces aren’t always necessarily apparent in images, lead me to think that the coin might be PL
  14. Welcome to the forum. Hopefully, they are all genuine - I can’t tell for certain from the images. Even if they are, however, you’re not going to get anywhere near the grades you mentioned. Some of them are not even uncirculated and thus would grade less than MS60. Before you submit them for grading, I would suggest getting them screened by a dealer. If you don’t know one in your area, feel free to send me a message, letting me know your zip code and I’ll try to locate one for you. Under what circumstances were you able to obtain them for melt value? I hope they were not stolen.
  15. Your thread title included the words “help wanted”. You have been provided with that help from a number of different knowledgeable posters. But you don’t sound as if you want to hear it. At this point, I don’t believe that any of us could say anything that would sway you from what you want to believe. I get dozens of emails every week from people who “know” they have something special, when in fact, they don’t.