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  1. Give me your opinion Washington Quarter

    The coin looks AU and artificially toned.
  2. Hits on 64-66 TPG-Graded Coins

    On the contrary, eye-appeal has a lot to do with the final grade - often too much, in my opinion.
  3. NEWP - optional GTG

    63 PL.
  4. 1776 Continental Currency- Real or Fake??

  5. 1953 Half Dollar S

    Your 1953-S does not have FBL and even if it did, in that condition, it probably wouldn’t matter in terms of value.
  6. 1953 Half Dollar S

    Welcome to the forum. The coin is not worth getting graded. It isn’t uncirculated and it’s value is approximately $7.
  7. 1918 Walker - Strike Characteristic?

    However, what the OP described as a "poor" strike and "weak details" might not be considered such by you or others. That's why an image is needed.
  8. 1918 Walker - Strike Characteristic?

    It's impossible to answer your question, without knowing what yours looks like.
  9. Why does NGC cert lookup require grade?

    I just conducted a little test, using a real cert number, but trying different, incorrect grades. After (I think it was) the seventh incorrect attempt, I got the following message : "Your lookup activity has exceeded our limits. Please try again later."
  10. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    My guess - and that’s all it is - is that if your coin were submitted for grading, it would come back AU details, cleaned.
  11. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    In the first sentence of your above post, you used the term “specimen proof”. Currently, the words “specimen” and “proof” are not typically used in conjunction to represent a particular type of coin production. On the contrary, they are usually used to describe two different types of coins. From what I see in your pictures, your coin does not appear to be a Proof or a specimen - sand-blasted, or otherwise.
  12. 1965 Lincoln SMS "CAMEO"?

    I vote probably not/no to the obverse and yes to the reverse, which amounts to a probably not/no.
  13. proof walkers

    Thanks and yes, it was a PCGS/CAC PR66 example.
  14. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    Welcome to the forum. Nothing about the look of the coin hints at a “Specimen” to me.
  15. proof walkers

    Did you see another sale for the date and grade I mentioned? I don’t recall seeing another one. The 1942 is tougher than some other dates.