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  1. I would say why not have a safe at home? I sure a safe would cost you maybe the value of one decent coin and gives a nice piece of mind. As far as estate planning goes that is a tricky one. Not so much about who can get the most for the coin because that is of course you but mostly could you part with the coins before your passing. My father in law was a big gun and coin guy and had his buddy still sneaking hem into the safe until the very end. I did not see anything from his collection after he passed so can only assume the mother in law pawned it all off at local shops for pennies on th
  2. Very cool idea Gary. It looks great. Might have to grab a 7070 now to fill up.
  3. Wait wait wait......I can no longer enter PCGS coins into my graded competitive set???? Holy hell thats the only reason I hang out here and not PCGS.....please don't tell me NGC went and took that feature away.....if so then yeah you all screwed up big time. Also what's up with the journals....I use to see the people I followed now I have to go and hunt them down????? What's up with that????
  4. Really like the older American coins but have not bought many for some reason. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Before this my oldest is a seated liberty. I don't know much about the pricing for these but I think for the detail it was a decent buy at $60. Unless I m wrong and got taken then let me know. Also picked up a Morgan dollar for $22. Was nice to come back from vacation and have these waiting in the mail for me. -Doug
  5. Wonderful medal. It is a beauty for sure. 10oz! Now thats a medal. Wonderful addition to your collection.