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  1. Very cool idea Gary. It looks great. Might have to grab a 7070 now to fill up.
  2. BrokeCoinCollector


    Wait wait wait......I can no longer enter PCGS coins into my graded competitive set???? Holy hell thats the only reason I hang out here and not PCGS.....please don't tell me NGC went and took that feature away.....if so then yeah you all screwed up big time. Also what's up with the journals....I use to see the people I followed now I have to go and hunt them down????? What's up with that????
  3. Really like the older American coins but have not bought many for some reason. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Before this my oldest is a seated liberty. I don't know much about the pricing for these but I think for the detail it was a decent buy at $60. Unless I m wrong and got taken then let me know. Also picked up a Morgan dollar for $22. Was nice to come back from vacation and have these waiting in the mail for me. -Doug
  4. Wonderful medal. It is a beauty for sure. 10oz! Now thats a medal. Wonderful addition to your collection.
  5. More adventures of Ike! Well had a few good adventures this month. First we heading to the Chiricahua mountains in south east Arizona. We stayed in Rucker canyon. Very nice area with tons of wildlife. Saw deer, turkeys, snakes, lizards, skunks. The skunk was bad. It hit one of our friends dog. That was bad. Then we took our yearly trip to Annies orchard in Wilcoxs Az. Mostly known for their apple pies but they also have another large area of produce you can pick yourself and during this time of year we picked pumpkins. Always a good time. On the way out to Wilcoxs there is a road side attraction called "The Thing". I wont tell you what it is but if your in the area pay the $1 and go check it out. Once you leave the building and head towards the thing they have alot of random funny things until you get to the thing. Like a wood carving made of solid wood.... Also this German car used by Hitler although it cant be proved. Lastly is Halloween night........Kid let me have the king size snickers bar....oh yeah. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  6. Adventures of Ike...My pocket piece. Well last month I thought I would start a new journal. ADVENTURES OF IKE!!!!!!! Who is Ike? Well Ike is my 1971 Silver proof Ike dollar. Yes I busted him out of a brown box.....OH NO!!!! I carry it almost everywhere I go so I thought why not document his journey. First adventure was camping/Deer/Dove hunting weekend. After our son crashed out for the night My wife, Ike and I sat around the fire drinking and laughing. Good times. Then at the recent local Reptile show we picked up a red bearded dragon. I was .99 cents short and all I had left was Ike in my pocket......."Do I dare use Ike to finish paying for a Dragon?" heck no. Dealer was nice enough to cover the .99 cents so I wouldn't have to spend $4 getting money out of ATM. Lastly Ike and I sat through our yearly TSA training program. Talk about a bore. We had fun until the sound of Ike wobbling on the table echoed throughout the room........ooops. Sadly that was all the note worthy adventures this month. We had a lot more planned but son got sick twice and had to cover for co workers. Oh well. What adventures has your pocket piece been on? Until next month..... -BCC To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  7. Bringing Funny Back Well a while ago I started putting a set of $1 and $2 bills together. Got a little side tracked with my US coin type set this year. Think its about time to add an older bill to my set. Here is the earliest silver cert I have gotten so far. It is a 1928 A Funny Back. Not rare by any means but I still think its cool. Believe I got this for $10 ish at the Eagle eye coin shop here in Tucson. Not sure what the next one I will pick up is but have been want a $2 Battleship for a long time. Maybe I can find one of those for a decent price. As for my US coin type set that I wanted to hit hard this year it has kinda stopped at this point. Kid started school and thats costing a nice chunk of change a month. Luckly it hasn't gone backwards. Well except for that 1900 O/CC Morgan that was part of it but I sold that for twice what I paid so that was a plus. Also it was never meant for my US type set just happened across it on ebay for a sweet deal so bought it. -BCC To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.