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  1. What a cool find. About 40 years ago, I found a 1919 dime in the garden. That's the highlight of my buried treasure finds. Usually it's a rock.
  2. I totally agree. Climate change is real and a huge concern.
  3. Do white spots affect the NGC grade? NGC will factor white spots into its grading of modern silver coins just as it does for black spots on copper coins and red spots on gold coins. Larger and more distracting spots will result in lower grades. Heavily spotted coins may receive an NGC Details Grade with an Environmental Damage notation. The development of white spots after a coin is graded by NGC is not covered under the NGC Guarantee because these white spots occur unpredictably and through no fault of NGC’s. If an NGC-certified modern silver coin develops white spots, NGC will leave i
  4. I always enjoyed reading the posts he used to make here. I don't read posts on CT.
  5. I see @cpm9ball (Chris) hasn't posted here in 5 years. I wonder why?
  6. Tooling marks are specific to the die that struck a coin, making them important tell-tale features of counterfeit coins. Knowledge of die diagnostics is usually acquired by examining countless coins over a period of many years, but specialized references that illustrate tooling marks on counterfeit coins do exist.
  7. Looking forward to seeing some pics of these coins.
  8. I'm in the RV for the winter so, i'm not set up to get some good pics. Here's a group shot. I have to pick up a magnifying glass to make out the dates and mint marks. I left mine at home.
  9. I got my coins as well. This was very generous of the OP, and definitely made my day. I will try to get a picture posted in the next few days. Thank you so much @ProfHaroldHill
  10. 4841883-004 NGC Description 1896 PGV PUERTORICO 40C NGC Grade VF 30 Label NGC Standard Brown
  11. 20 USD $25 is the minimum. Although, I would choose the premium account for $149, since you get it all back in credit.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving all. It was just my wife and I this year. Still did the full dinner. Toll House and Pumpkin Pie not pictured.
  13. It's still happening to me as well. Ironically, when there is significant lag here, it happens on the comic forum, too. It's the same format as this site.
  14. Well, I see it as annoying. His last thread stated "I may have"
  15. Well, one's behavior is totally unacceptable, and the other is slightly annoying. I'll choose multiple pics of the same coins over rude and insulting posts any day.
  16. He is ruining the coin forum, insulting people in multiple threads.
  17. I'll choose 1913 D Thanks for hosting the contest.
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